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Review: Tarte’s ‘Be Your Own Tarteist’ Palette + Swatches

5 Sep

Hi lovelies!

After picking up the Poppy Picnic palette from Tarte a few weeks ago, I found myself stalking the QVC UK website in order to see whether any new Tarte goodies were coming their way, when I saw the Miracles from the Amazon giftset pop up. The set includes a few other products (watch out for reviews if I love them or hate them), but what really caught my eye was the ‘Be Your Own Tarteist’ palette.

IMG_3876It has the exact same layout as the Poppy Picnic palette, but isn’t quite all matte. It does have four matte shadows, and the blush is totally matte, but there are two shimmery shadows included.


The shades are t-b,l-r, Pink Beyond, Taupe For The Best, Dreams Plum True, Talented (blush), Out Of This Pearl, Thistle Be The Day and Paint The Brown.

Taupe For The Best and Out Of This Pearl both have a shimmery finish, but not glittery or frosty at all. They are firm to touch but still swatch beautifully in one swipe. I think the one weak point of this palette is the plum shade Dreams Plum True. The texture of the shadow is drier than the others, and Tarte’s mattes are really lovely, so it’s quite noticeable. I can definitely make it work as a liner, but I think it might be a little difficult to blend.



Once again, sucked in by the packaging, impressed by the actual product! Win win, right?
You can pick up this palette as part of a set on QVC UK for £34 (£38 inc. postage).

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day/night, wherever you are!
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Review: Soap and Glory’s ‘One Heck Of A Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer’

3 Sep

Hi lovelies!

Lately, I’ve really been looking at my makeup collection and really assessing the strong and weak points. Like a mid-year evaluation of some sort. The outcome was pretty surprising…I have over 20 foundations and BB/CC creams, but only three primers, none of which I’m particularly in love with.
So on a little trip to Boots the other day I picked up the Soap and Glory ‘One Heck Of A Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer’, which I’m pretty sure is brand new, as I had a little google in Boots, and couldn’t find ANYTHING about this baby.


The tube resembles a Clinique Superprimer tube, but it has a silky matte finish that makes it seem much more expensive than it was. It has a screw lid and a little pointy nib, like a TooFaced primer.


Now, it says on the tube that you can wear it over makeup, but I’m not sure that’s the best way to use this product. It’s best used underneath a foundation or BB/CC cream. I’ve worn it for two whole days under a CC cream and then a foundation, and it’s really good value for money, in my opinion. When you apply it to the face, it has a really nice cooling effect, which makes me wish that Soap and Glory had released it just a bit earlier when the prospect of good weather was actually possible! 🙂 It’s immediately smoothing and leaves the skin ever ever so slightly tacky, but not at all uncomfortable. It claims to have a 12 Shine-Bloc technology, and I have to say that I agree with that claim. My dewy CC cream stayed pretty solid throughout the day, just slightly fading in the evening, and my T-Zone was only ever so slightly oily. With the foundation, I mostly noticed how the pores on my nose were reduced. It feels like the perfect mix of Benefit’s Porefessional and TooFaced’s Hangover RX primer. I sometimes can find that the Porefessional is a little too heavy for my face, and the TooFaced only will work when I’m going for a specific look, but the Soap and Glory is delightfully perfect for any base you want to pop on.


Swatched on the back of my hand, it is translucent, a little like a Smashbox primer.

So it’s a thumbs up from me! I’m hoping that Soap and Glory release a tinted version, or maybe an illumating version next! That would probbably be amaaaazzing.

You can pick this up exclusively from Boots, and it’s priced at £10.

Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!

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20 Sep

Hello lovelies!
A few months ago, me and my oldest friend Sian decided that we needed a holiday. We worked in Brussels a few years ago, and absolutely fell in love with the place, so we ideally wanted to go there. After debating for a while and comparing costs, Prague looked like the winning city. We went for three nights, and three whole days (as we flew late in the evenings) and it was beautiful! Just a few snaps from our trip.





This one is possibly my favourite of the whole trip. Not sure why, and no-one else thinks it’s good, but I loves it. That’s my friend Sian, by the way.

We had a lush time in Prague. I will say that it would have been very easy to get caught in tourist traps. Eating on the outskirts of the main town was MUCH cheaper than eating on one of the main shopping streets. We paid almost double for smaller portions and crappy service in the centre than in a little bar/restaurant called ‘Bruska’ near Hradčanská where we stayed. We stayed at the Villa Schwaiger, which was affordable, 4 stars and had a nice little breakfast and good service every morning. 🙂 

Hopefully soon we can go somewhere where I can say more than ‘Thankyou’, and ‘The bill, please’. Ha!
Today I had a terrible migraine but luckily it has eased off now, meaning I can head to work tomorrow and earn a bit of money for what I am sure will be a money-saving October! Barring my iPad! That, I’m definitely getting. Updates soon!

As always, feel free to follow me on twitter (@totallychristie), Instagram (@christieannturner) or drop me a comment down below! I love chatting to you lovelies!

Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!

My Life In Pictures: July 2013

12 Aug


Benefit’s The Bronze of Champions, holiday gift from Mumma /
My room for the next 11 months at my 2nd year Uni house /
FOTD damage /
My housemate Charlie testing out our new bath /

July brought some exciting new things, but we all know the best best month is August. Birthday time!

My Life In Pictures: June 2013

12 Aug


Drinks and games with friends just before moving out of halls /
China Glaze’s ‘Champagne Kisses’ gets me every time /
My sister refuses to be photographed when I do her make-up /
Tired eyes and big hair /

Sorry that this little snippet of life is so delayed, it’s been pretty hectic for the last couple of months!

My Life In Pictures: May 2013

31 May


1. My friend Kent riding down the hill on the scooter that was found in my boot. 
2. Beautiful Uni. Not many people see this stuff, as it’s on a hidden hill.
3. Outrageous selfie on the evening of a wonderful birthday meal out celebrating a Uni friend’s 19th.
4. Swatching. Life of a beauty blogger.
5. Oh SO PRETTY! (shame it stained though!)
6. Nandos please? My first trip without my parents or a big group. Was a lovely girls shopping day!
7. Windsor on a beautiful May bank holiday. My parents came to visit and it was so wonderful to see them after 8 weeks alone.
8. Gaming night with my guy-flatmates, Charlie, Stephen and Roo. All the other girls have left/were packing/travelling, and so we played COD. Well, I say we, I controlled the headset.
9. My little sister (on the right) and her best friend Millie. They’ve both grown up so much in the time I’ve been at Uni. Makes me sad that I missed spending the time with them, but it also reminds me that people change!

I post loads of life and beauty photos on my Instagram. My username is christieannturner if you would like to follow me!

I hope you’ve had a marvellous May! I got my first set of wages from my new job, made some awesome new friends, treasured time with family and Uni friends and bought a LOT of make-up. I can’t wait for June. Moving out of my Uni flat, into my place for the summer (don’t even get me started), a weekend at home with family and beautiful friends and hard work! 


So…about my hair.

22 May

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been unhappy with how my hair is for literally, as long as I can remember. Not just, ‘oh it’s a bit messy today’ or ‘oh it’s too thin/thick’, but really unhappy. Only over the past couple of months have I learned to just be content with it. However, I’ve come to a bit of a hair-Crossroads. Perhaps Britney circa. Crossroads era can sympathise? (haha get it?)

Is it time to chop it off, or time to let it grow. 

ImageMe at 3 years old. My Mum didn’t dye my hair. It just decided very quickly that it didn’t want to be blonde anymore.


Perhaps a year later, I’m around 4, and wow did my hair get curly fast. Shoutout to my little sister!

ImageMe in the middle (burgundy camouflage, not that wonderful denim flopsy cap that my friend Bethany is wearing). I had my hair this short for a long time, and it always had a little kink in it. Think I must have been 8-ish here.


Year 9, age 13? My hair at its curliest. Bit of hair-volution going on there. I hadn’t discovered product and was definitely more of a tomboy.


Wow! This is a bit of a throwback. My sister and I when I was in Year 10, aged 14. Probably my hair at its shortest point. I have a chubbsy face, so this length reaallly didn’t suit me. However, those were natural curls! 

ImageTerrible quality image, but this was year 12 hair, for the most part. Wavy, longish.

ImageAaaand then I dyed it. Dark. This was for the winter. Everyone loved it because I’m so pale, but it did wash me out a little.

A horrible hair moment/few hair months for me. My hair got SO long. I couldn’t control it, it was damaged at the ends SO badly, and my roots were usually rampant.

ImageYou see how long it was?! And I’m not really really freakishly tall, I promise. I’m 5’10”and that diddy, beautiful one is my bestie Sian who’s 5’3 1/2”. The 1/2 is important.

So…I cut it all off.



Then, of course, over the course of this year, my hair has grown. So quickly, in fact, that it is approaching the length it was the last time I cut it. However, it’s a lot less damaged, I have less issues with my psoriasis (a stress-induced skin condition that can affect the scalp), and…I like it more.

This is one of the most recent photos of me.

ImageIt just looks so much healthier!

What do you guys think? Give it the chop, or keep growing it… or do you reckon I should maintain it at this length? I would love some advice/help on this, so let me know in the comments! 🙂
Christie xoxo

Thought I’d share a little thing with you…

27 Feb

I know this is a beauty-review blog, but I like to take different, alternative things to make-up and make people see the beauty of them too. I went round my school today, and managed to get a bunch of people to have a picture taken of their eyes. I zoomed in on one eye, and made a quick collage with them. I think that they are all beautiful! Reviews for anyone who can guess which one is me! 😀
Christie 🙂