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Review: New Revlon Lip Butters

3 Jun

Hello lovelies!

I have a day off of work today, and let me tell you, I need it! 6 days in a row, during half term, at a theme park just about killed me. Today I’ve got a little review of two of the new Revlon Lip Butters, Wild Watermelon and Juicy Papaya!

ImageI picked these up a little while ago, and at first, I was sure that the only one that would interest me would be Juicy Papaya. But when I ran across the whole new collection online, I took the plunge and bought Wild Watermelon as well!
ImageThe formula of the Revlon Lip Butters is kind of a big deal. World-famous, hyped, etc., but in my honest opinion, I think that it varies from shade to shade. I have five now, and they all feel a little different on the lips! These two are good examples of that theory.

Wild Watermelon is very glossy, bright and pigmented. It’s a brilliant example of a sheer bright. It feels moisturising and nourishing, and the colour is so gorgeous! Juicy Papaya is much more matte, I think you can see that in the pictures. It’s very similar to my lips, so is like a ‘my lips but better’ shade. So it’s much more of an ‘everyday’ colour for me. Such a low-maintenance lip. It fades very well too. I’ve found that the Juicy Papaya LB has a slight scent, but nothing too noticeable.



The packaging, like always, is flawless. Beautiful quilting, and stays clean easily. Sometimes I have to give the bullet of the actual product a little wipe to get the product off. The casing doesn’t scratch though.

I love these ALMOST as much as I love the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks, which are a little more sticky (<3) and smell like marshmallows. A solid 4/5 from me!


You can buy Revlon Lip Butters at Superdrug and Boots for £7.99.

For the rest of today, I plan on tidying and packing. I move out in less than two weeks! Cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. Until then, I’ll be working hard. I’m actually banning myself from buying any make-up until August, because I keep ‘popping into town’ and accidentally spending £40. Bought a few more bits today, so look out for a collective haul!

I would love to know your favourite Revlon Lip Butter shade. I love Candy Apple the best I think. My go-to red!



Review: Rimmel’s Apocalips Lip Lacquer in ‘Stellar’

27 May


Hello lovelies!

Got a little review for you today. This one’s perhaps a bit different, as I’ve never reviewed a lip product before, so I hope I do okay! A couple of months ago, there was some serious buzz, as there always is, about a brand new lip product from Rimmel. I must have read a good twenty blog reviews before I decided that these guys were going to be incredible, but that they just weren’t for me. I was wrong. 


I originally went into the shop with no purchases planned but we all know how that goes. I saw that the Apocalips had a pound or so off, and went for it. Took the plunge. Ahhh! I picked up ‘Stellar’, a hot pink creme. 
ImageThe packaging is nice, black at the top with sort of, jaggedy edges and the colour fades to transparent so you can see the colour through it. It’s a doe-foot applicator, but it’s a little different in that the applicator manages to store some product inside itself. Weird, but not a bad thing! The lacquer itself is definitely scented. I’ve actually put off writing this blog post for a while because I’ve been trying to figure out what it smells like, no word of a lie! The best I’ve come up with is a mix between old-lady perfume and sugar paper, which I know sounds totally bizarre, but that’s all I can muster.


As for the application, it’s really easy but can get messy because the colour is so bright, as with many pigmented lip colours.
The lasting power is probably the only thing that bugged me. From other reviews, I kind of thought that you’d have to reapply every four hours or so. Nope. After about an hour, it looked like I’d lined my lips with a super bright pink and applied a lighter pink inside. If a product is going to be that bright, then just let it fade, not gather around your lips! Bearing in mind I’m young, and I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles (yet), I wouldn’t recommend this for the older lady. Neither would I recommend it for the ‘low-maintenance-lip’ lady. I do love the colour, but probably best for short events or ones where you can get to a mirror and reapply a lot.

Verdict: 3/5:
I’m relatively impressed with the colour and feel of this product, just the lasting power let it down. Still heart Rimmel though.

You can purchase Rimmel products from Boots, Superdrug, selected Tesco stores (and websites) and ASOS ship to the US for all my American readers who need a good Rimmel fix.

Have you had a good product that just didn’t last?

Today I saw my family for the first time in six weeks and we had lunch in Windsor by the Thames. So nice to see them and spend some quality time with them. I’ve been working really hard lately (and was supposed to be working today, but my manager was so kind and let me have the day off), and it’s been so lush to lay in and just have a nice, relaxing day and catch up. 😀

Lust Haves – Summer 2013

21 May
Lust Haves- Summer 2013
Hello lovelies!

I’m planning on a little shopping trip relatively soon, and have been lusting over a few items for a while. Summer’s on its way (I refuse to believe that it isn’t, UK!) and so everyon’es prepping themselves and their skin for long, hazy days in the sun and warm evenings with nothing on the agenda but relaxing!

1. YSL’s Touche Eclat Foundation
If you’ve read my blog before, you might have seen that I posted about the YSL’s counterpart foundation to their best-selling product of all time, the Touche Eclat concealer/eye-brightener. I’m actually still going through my diddy sample, which makes me very optimistic for the full size of the foundation! The Touche Eclat Foundation comes in 16 shades and is priced at £29 on the Boots website.

2. MAC’s 217 Blending Brush
As a beauty blogger and a cosmetics addict, I haven’t avoided the hype about this brush. Everyone and their mothers seem to own them, but I think I resent paying that much for one brush. I am usually perfectly content with my Real Techniques brushes, but having recently purchased their eye set, there isn’t really a brush that can give me what I want in terms of blending. I have a great No.7 brush that I bought about a year ago for £2.50 with a famous £5 off voucher in Boots, but I use it too much and want to see whether it is comparable to the famous 217. The 217 blending brush is priced at £17 in MAC stores and on their website.

3.  Clinique’s Chubby Sticks
I just want all of them! I’m in love with my Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks (mentioned here), and again want to see what the hype is about. I think a sheer, easy sweep of colour that’s moisturising is great for summer and is also really low-maintenance. No fuss! You can buy Clinique’s Chubby Sticks for £16 at Clinique counters, their website or the Boots website.

4. Soap and Glory’s Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion
Oh, Soap and Glory. You come up with the BEST names for your products. A bit cheeky, and the products are always incredible. I have not taken a trip into the wonderful facial skincare selection from S&G yet, but I have some make-up items, and would recommend them all. I figured that this lotion would be a good place to start, as it gives an all over glow to the face and is also beneficial for the skin. You can buy Glow Job for £9 on the Boots website or in Boots stores.

5. Estee Lauder’s DoubleWear Light Foundation
Light coverage? Check. Long-wearing? Check. Good skin tone match? Check.
I’ve heard so many good things about the original DoubleWear Foundation, but I’ve also heard that it’s heavy coverage. I’m just not a fan of that kind of foundation, even though I’m sure it’s perfect for some. I mix most of my foundations with moisturisers anyway, so it would be a waste to buy a foundation I wouldn’t like. The Light version seems to tick all the boxes for me. However, I really can’t justify buying TWO high-end foundations that are essentially very similar when I just bought the Nearly Naked from Revlon and the True Match from Rimmel. I’ve got tons to be getting on with! I think it will have to be a spur of the moment decision once I’m in the shop! You can buy Estee Lauder’s DoubleWear Light Foundation for £27.50 from Estee Lauder counters or on the Boots website.

What’s on your Lust-Haves list? And what do you think will make it onto your ‘Must-Haves list’? Any recommendations for me? I would love to know some of your favourite make-up products or techniques for the warmer months!

Christie xoxo