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GlossyBox: September 2013

18 Sep

Hello lovelies!
I received my first GlossyBox in the post yesterday and I am SO excited about it! This month the theme was ‘London Edition’, probably to coincide with LFW, and my oh my, the box was beautiful!

ImageHow cute is that Union Jack?

ImageOnto the products!


Toni & Guy is a brand that I’m pretty familiar with, but I haven’t tried this serum yet. It’s full-size (I think), has a nice, hair producty-scent, and is not so liquidy that it slides off your fingers before you get it on your hair. Will definitely have to try it with my hair actually ‘done’.

ImageThis little perfume sample is unlike many of the samples that often are included in beauty boxes. It’s like a sample that comes in a coffret, rather than a teeny tiny spray bottle that doesn’t really give you an idea of whether you want to buy the full size or not. Don’t get me wrong, those teeny-tiny bottles, I welcome them with open arms, but this is so much better! Elizabeth Arden is a luxury brand that I wouldn’t necessarily venture to of my own volition, but this floral scent is super light and feminine, perfect for transitioning into autumn. GlossyBox also have given every person who receives a box a free skin consultation and a free body moisturiser to match the perfume. I think they get me. I just like the freebies. 😉

ImageDefinitely heard the hype about this product! When I opened the box, my friends were over and the name did illicit a few giggles from them, I must say. Something like this is perfect for the colder months because my lips get really chapped) minds out of the gutter, people) and it’s a really intense, nourishing formula. I did a little extra research on the ‘Dr.Lipp’ brand, and it’s medically tested to be one of the safest products on the market in terms of allergies and it is also helps to heal things like burns and eczema, which makes this not only a handy product, but for some people a confidence-boosting one. Burns or eczema in places that are easily visible can reduce people’s self-confidence and make them feel anxious or nervous in public. Something that helps that gets a big thumbs up in my book. The sample is small though, so you would have to buy a full-size relatively quickly if you decided that you liked it.

ImageSome lashes for me are probably not the best thing as I am a. very very very bad at applying them, and b. very picky about what I wear. However, these ones are super nice, very subtle, relatively easy to apply (I think I need more practice) and have not bothered me since I applied them at about 11am. They look so natural. I did cut them into half-lashes to get more than one use but they would only need a little trim for most eyes I think. I like that GlossyBox included a brand that I knew too!

ImageThis is a liquid eyeliner from the US (I thought this was the London box?!) brand ‘Be a Bombshell’. It’s a basic, black felt-tip liner. I will say one thing a little bit negative about it… The nib of the liner is so big! When I applied it to my upper lash line it felt as if it was covering my whole eye. It produces a pretty thick line as a result. I think it’s pretty cool that GlossyBox included a US brand that isn’t readily available in UK drugstores, but I think there are other liners from the UK market that impress more. That being said, I understand that GlossyBox makes deals with companies that are not always familiar with us in the UK, so I’m willing to give this baby another shot. 🙂

The total value of this box was £27.81. Approximately. I had to do some dollar converting.

So that’s my GlossyBox! The first one! EEEEP! I’m excited to get my next one and keep testing out these products, I don’t know about you, but there’s something about samples that just excites me! I did hear that some people got a Rimmel ‘Stay Blushed’ blusher or an HD Brows kit, but I think that the variety in boxes makes it more of a surprise! 

Today I’m just going to Skype my friend Kent who’s getting ready to return to the UK for her last year at Uni here (she’s in the US at the mo, so jel…miss you Kent!) and get prepped for going back to work tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a rough week in to be honest, so hopefully it gets a little better. Posts about my recent trip to Prague and a little FOTD coming soon!


My Life In Pictures: June 2013

12 Aug


Drinks and games with friends just before moving out of halls /
China Glaze’s ‘Champagne Kisses’ gets me every time /
My sister refuses to be photographed when I do her make-up /
Tired eyes and big hair /

Sorry that this little snippet of life is so delayed, it’s been pretty hectic for the last couple of months!

So…about my hair.

22 May

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been unhappy with how my hair is for literally, as long as I can remember. Not just, ‘oh it’s a bit messy today’ or ‘oh it’s too thin/thick’, but really unhappy. Only over the past couple of months have I learned to just be content with it. However, I’ve come to a bit of a hair-Crossroads. Perhaps Britney circa. Crossroads era can sympathise? (haha get it?)

Is it time to chop it off, or time to let it grow. 

ImageMe at 3 years old. My Mum didn’t dye my hair. It just decided very quickly that it didn’t want to be blonde anymore.


Perhaps a year later, I’m around 4, and wow did my hair get curly fast. Shoutout to my little sister!

ImageMe in the middle (burgundy camouflage, not that wonderful denim flopsy cap that my friend Bethany is wearing). I had my hair this short for a long time, and it always had a little kink in it. Think I must have been 8-ish here.


Year 9, age 13? My hair at its curliest. Bit of hair-volution going on there. I hadn’t discovered product and was definitely more of a tomboy.


Wow! This is a bit of a throwback. My sister and I when I was in Year 10, aged 14. Probably my hair at its shortest point. I have a chubbsy face, so this length reaallly didn’t suit me. However, those were natural curls! 

ImageTerrible quality image, but this was year 12 hair, for the most part. Wavy, longish.

ImageAaaand then I dyed it. Dark. This was for the winter. Everyone loved it because I’m so pale, but it did wash me out a little.

A horrible hair moment/few hair months for me. My hair got SO long. I couldn’t control it, it was damaged at the ends SO badly, and my roots were usually rampant.

ImageYou see how long it was?! And I’m not really really freakishly tall, I promise. I’m 5’10”and that diddy, beautiful one is my bestie Sian who’s 5’3 1/2”. The 1/2 is important.

So…I cut it all off.



Then, of course, over the course of this year, my hair has grown. So quickly, in fact, that it is approaching the length it was the last time I cut it. However, it’s a lot less damaged, I have less issues with my psoriasis (a stress-induced skin condition that can affect the scalp), and…I like it more.

This is one of the most recent photos of me.

ImageIt just looks so much healthier!

What do you guys think? Give it the chop, or keep growing it… or do you reckon I should maintain it at this length? I would love some advice/help on this, so let me know in the comments! 🙂
Christie xoxo


My Life In Pictures: March 2013

1 Apr

My Life In Pictures: March 2013

1. My hometown’s bridge on a rainy visit home from university.
2. Boots shopping bag hiding in my Cath Kidston tote. Shhh!
3. Outrageous selfie. Trying new things with my brows.
4. A picture of my two best girls at Uni.
5. Playing around with some pictures for a blog design I want. Leopard print scarf = love.
6.The love of my life, Nutella.
7. Spotted a duck in the pond on campus!
8. Just got snapchat. I hope my friend Sian never sees this post.
9. Lavender mani. Perfect for spring.

My life in pictures: February 2013

6 Mar




1. Barely there nude nails with a glitter accent nail.
2. Song of the month was Fun.’s ‘Out On The Town’.
3. A trip to London for Chinese New Year resulted in my friend emerging from Primark in these fabulous sunglasses. 
4. Calling all Diet Coke addicts?
5. Outrageous selfie that really was just to show off how awesome I’d managed to get my hair to look! 
6. My best friend Andrew and I’s version of snapchatting. Us iPhone 3GS users have to work with what we’ve got!
7. I read this beautiful book by John Green in the middle of the month. A must-read for anyone.
8. First high-end blush! Clinique’s ‘Iced Lotus’.
9. My first China Glaze polish! China Glaze’s ‘Champagne Kisses’.


22 Aug

I mentioned a little while that I was thinking about cutting my hair and I finally did it! My hair was getting really unhealthy due to its length, and I would get hot and as summer is upon us, I decided to take the plunge and get my hair chopped off.

The hairdressers.

Oh dear! 🙂

This was just a few weeks ago at prom- three of my best friends and then me on the right. 🙂

After my haircut! I got about 5 inches off! Eeeek!

Don’t forget to smile!
Christie xoxo




The busiest few weeks!

18 Mar

I am well aware that I have not blogged in FOREVER. However, some developments in my life have occurred. Well, just two really, but still.

1. I got an iPhone.
2. I passed my driving test.

Therefore, I have been addicted to my iPhone, and have been driving my little car around, and I just have completely neglected the internet in order to focus on my life! Weird, I know! BUT… I have lots of ideas for blogs, because my delayed blogging has inspired more ideas apparently!

In the meantime, I do have a few ‘favourites’ to share with you for this month.

Favourite Beauty Product:
Okay, it has to be one of my new purchases (reviews soon!)
Either Avon’s Color Trend Kiss ‘n’ Go Lipstick in Winter Wine or Avon’s Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls. Both of these products were inexpensive, and I adore them already, after only a few weeks of using them!

Favourite Book: THE HUNGER GAMES! I read this over the summer after my Mum bought it for me, but recently, all of my friends have borrowed the books and have been frantically reading before the film comes out. Suzanne Collins has come up with a story to stand the test of time. It’s truly excellent reading, and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Favourite Hair Product:
It has to be the Percy and Reed of London Finishing Polish. I actually got this as my free gift with this month’s Glamour magazine (if you don’t read it, then check it out, it’s only £2 and you get a gorgeous gift and usually some free samples with some beautiful photo shoots and style ideas). I have very frizzy, curly/wavy hair that dries out quickly, and I’m always looking for something that means I can wear my hair naturally and have it look reasonable, as I really don’t have the time in the mornings to curl or straighten my hair! This did the trick, and is a nice product to use. It is scented, but that doesn’t bother me, as my shampoo and conditioner are strong-smelling and overpower it easily.

Favourite Blog: Okay, so my friend Katie (kates24) has a blog on wordpress, she write beautifully and is incredibly articulate. For anyone who fancies a peek at her outlook on life, check out her blog. She’s so funny, and makes A LOT of sense  A LOT of the time.

Favourite Film: Very very recently, I watched The Notebook again with my friend Jodie. It breaks my heart every single time I see it, and I fall in love with it over and over again! Despite my recommendations, my sister refuses to stop watching High School Musical 2. On the last count I did, she’d watched it 7 times within 4 days. Crazy girl.

Favourite Song: I’ve been loving Florence + The Machine’s song Landscape this month. Take a listen here,(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9DtY0ktT1U) one of my fellow Tumblr Dair shippers made a playlist and this has to be my favourite song of theirs.

Favourite Youtube Channel: It has to be Rachel (http://www.youtube.com/user/icallitambrosia) or Meghan (http://www.youtube.com/user/meghanrosette). I don’t know about you, but I detest watching boring beauty videos on YouTube, so these girls are amazing for me. Despite both of them being absolutely hilarious, they do actually know what they are talking about. If you love hauls, check out Meghan, because I don’t know how she does it, but she shops A LOT, and if tutorials and rants (teehee) are more your thing, then Rachel’s channel is the place for you.

Favourite Artist: Definitely been loving The Script this month. If you don’t know who they are, check out my favourite songs, This= Love (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gxjfjj8r98) and The End Where I Begin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dflJL5Zb4ao) although, all of their songs are beautiful.

Human Favourite: It has to be my sister! She’s around four years younger than me, and is nearly fourteen, so I feel very old and the age gap is substantial, so we fight a lot. However, this month she has been the sweetest angelic sister ever! Is there some sort of award that I can give her? 😀

Favourite Food: The new Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly is to die for! At the moment in the UK, the bars have been on mass offer for £1 pretty much everywhere, and they’ve quickly become my favourite treat!

Favourite App: Either Instagram or Temple Run. Temple Run is incredibly addictive and Instagram makes me feel like my photos are cool and…well, cool. If you like, you can follow me at christieannturner. 🙂

Favourite Random: My car! 😀 I have a little Corsa, and it’s silver and adorable. It’s my baby, and I haven’t been able to get enough of it!

Favourite Photo: Recently, my Dad dug out a box of baby photos of me, and here’s my favourite from the bunch.

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing Sunday evening, and remember, don’t forget to smile! 🙂