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Review: Soap and Glory’s ‘One Heck Of A Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer’

3 Sep

Hi lovelies!

Lately, I’ve really been looking at my makeup collection and really assessing the strong and weak points. Like a mid-year evaluation of some sort. The outcome was pretty surprising…I have over 20 foundations and BB/CC creams, but only three primers, none of which I’m particularly in love with.
So on a little trip to Boots the other day I picked up the Soap and Glory ‘One Heck Of A Blot Instant-Perfecting Power Primer’, which I’m pretty sure is brand new, as I had a little google in Boots, and couldn’t find ANYTHING about this baby.


The tube resembles a Clinique Superprimer tube, but it has a silky matte finish that makes it seem much more expensive than it was. It has a screw lid and a little pointy nib, like a TooFaced primer.


Now, it says on the tube that you can wear it over makeup, but I’m not sure that’s the best way to use this product. It’s best used underneath a foundation or BB/CC cream. I’ve worn it for two whole days under a CC cream and then a foundation, and it’s really good value for money, in my opinion. When you apply it to the face, it has a really nice cooling effect, which makes me wish that Soap and Glory had released it just a bit earlier when the prospect of good weather was actually possible! 🙂 It’s immediately smoothing and leaves the skin ever ever so slightly tacky, but not at all uncomfortable. It claims to have a 12 Shine-Bloc technology, and I have to say that I agree with that claim. My dewy CC cream stayed pretty solid throughout the day, just slightly fading in the evening, and my T-Zone was only ever so slightly oily. With the foundation, I mostly noticed how the pores on my nose were reduced. It feels like the perfect mix of Benefit’s Porefessional and TooFaced’s Hangover RX primer. I sometimes can find that the Porefessional is a little too heavy for my face, and the TooFaced only will work when I’m going for a specific look, but the Soap and Glory is delightfully perfect for any base you want to pop on.


Swatched on the back of my hand, it is translucent, a little like a Smashbox primer.

So it’s a thumbs up from me! I’m hoping that Soap and Glory release a tinted version, or maybe an illumating version next! That would probbably be amaaaazzing.

You can pick this up exclusively from Boots, and it’s priced at £10.

Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!

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HAUL! Clinique, Amazon + Barry M!

31 Oct

Hello lovelies!

A little haul for you today. I ordered a few bits from Amazon and went shopping about a week ago so have picked up a few lovely bits.

First up is an acrylic makeup holder and a brush (that isn’t from Real Techniques!). Been desperately wanting one of these holders for ages and so purchased this cheapie one from Amazon. It’s sturdy and was affordable, and holds (nearly) everything I use on a day to day basis. Hoorah! I also picked up this b.dellium tools brush that’s for contouring. It’s beautiful, but does shed a little bit. A great tool though, and I always love when brushes aren’t hideously priced.

And look! After I put all my make-up in it!


I also popped to Boots and Debenhams (they had Clinique Bonus Time, I couldn’t resist) and grabbed a few new bits, but mostly Christmas presents, which I obviously can’t show because my friends occasionally read my blog. Sorry!


Clinique Moisture Surge Intense Fortifying Hydrator
This was pricey. £32. However, it has been worth it…so far. my skin always turns into a dry mess in A/W to I’m glad to have it, regardless. Plus…my first expensive skincare purchase! WOOO! #milestones






That’s just the stuff I got to keep from the Bonus Time bag! Eeeep!

I’ve tried all of these, and my fave is definitely that eye cream. It works miracles overnight, let me tell ya!


Barry M Matte Nail Paint in ‘Caramel’

I just love me some nudes. Also, the staying power on this is unbelievable! I think because it wasn’t shiny, I didn’t notice it as often and so I didn’t pick away at it. Does anyone else paint their nails and then just automatically start peeling it off?! Just me?


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in ‘Fair’

Just a repurchase of this. My fourth tube! I feel like a real addict now 😉

That’s everything I’ve picked up lately! Just a quick haul to keep you guys going while I finish work for the season and uni drops off…so busy!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!


HAUL: Birthday Buys feat. YSL, Topshop and The Body Shop!

30 Aug

Hello lovelies!
ImageDefinitely splurged and treated myself in Windsor with my friend Jess a few days ago.

ImagePink Grapefruit Body Puree | £2
Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub | £12.50
Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel | £2

all available at The Body Shop.

Big love for The Body Shop at the moment, as they just do summer scents right. I love the mix of sweet and sour that the Pink Grapefruit scent provides me, and I already own the body butter, so these guys are more to add to my collection! As it’s my birthday month, I got £5 off my purchase, and it was 3 for 2 on all products, so I got all of this for £9.50! Successful bargain!

ImageClean and Clear Blackhead Cleanser | £3.50

available at Boots and Superdrug.

I have the regular cleanser and wanted to try this out as the scent is a little less…overwhelming and I’ve been noticing tat the other cleanser doesn’t seem to have many skin benefits. Let’s see how this goes!

ImageImageTopshop Matte Lipstick in Whimsical | £8

available at Topshop.

Been looking for a cooler-toned coral for a little while so that I can work it into the autumn months without looking like I’m lusting for summer. I love it whenever I find a Topshop with makeup and had to make the difficult decision between a lipstick and a blush for a while. The lipstick won. How beautiful is that?

ImageImageYSL Glossy Stain in No.27 | from £22.50

available at YSL counters.

Eeep! I splashed out on another YSL product. I think I will only spend money on something that I can keep forever and that is worth the cash. Ever since I first ventured into the world of YSL, I’ve wanted a Glossy Stain. When I first bought my Volupte Sheer Candy, the assistant desperately tried to sell me this, even though the Sheer Candy was more money. I picked this up because it’s my ‘comfortable colour’. I’ll get a lot of use out of it and it’s JUST SO PRETTY. If anyone would like to buy me the whole line for my birthday, feel free.


(swatched in natural daylight, top YSL Glossy Stain no.27, bottom Topshop Whimsical)

Image(in sunlight)

So, there’s my little haul! I’m really looking forward to a lovely relaxing birthday tomorrow, and to going out with my friends for a bit tonight. Hope you’re all having a lovely day or evening!

HAUL! Soap & Glory, Revlon and Maybelline!

8 Apr
Hello lovelies!

I’ve been home for the last week and a bit, and it has been SO RELAXING! I’m a first year uni student, so this time is supposed to be ‘revision’ time, but of course I HAD to go to Boots while the 3 for 2 offer is on (it’s still on for a little while, so run RUN to the shops and take advantage!!) Oh I do love it when they do that!

The very first thing I bought was the much-hyped Nearly Naked Foundation from Revlon. I was so intrigued by it, and did succumb to the hype! Very impressed so far, if you’d like a review then let me know. 🙂 I have the shade ‘Ivory’, which I THINK is the lightest shade. (I just don’t like that screw top!)

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation is available at Boots and Superdrug and is priced at £8.99.


Next up is a cream blush from Revlon called ‘Pinched’. I saw the YouTuber essiebutton talking about this blush a couple of months ago, and seeing as she has a similar skintone/skin type to me and she loved it, I decided I had to have it. I love the sleek circular pot, and I think that the product itself is good. I have quite a bit of redness on my cheeks, so once I neutralise that, I don’t always want to add blush, but this muted coral-coloured one does the trick. It’s quite sheer, incredibly easy to blend with a brush or your fingers and is from Revlon, whose face products rarely disappoint.

Revlon Cream Blush in Pinched is available at Boots or Superdrug and is priced at £7.99.



The next thing I got was Soap & Glory’s answer to a high-end, world-famous lip and cheek tint, Cheekmate. It caught my eye a few months ago and although I’ve been lusting after Benefit’s Benetint for aaggggeeesss, it’s just not in my price-range for one product. This was in the 3 for 2 and is a nifty little £8. I actually bought two, one for me and one for my mum, as she doesn’t have many brushes and like to apply make-up with her fingers, plus she’s a huge fan of Soap and Glory in general. Believe it or not, she has all but one of their eye products! Shades and all! She loves it, and I have to say I do too. This has raspberry seed and kiwi extract, as well as Vitamin C in it, and it’s also supposed to improve circulation in your facial capillaries. I’m not sure I need that in my cheeks, but in your lips it sounds like a fab thing!

Soap & Glory’s Cheekmate is available from Boots exclusively and is priced at £7.99.



While browsing around the Soap & Glory stand (seriously the best looking stand in any Boots shop!), I saw the Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss sticks. I live for Soap & Glory’s punny names for their products, don’t you just love ’em! There are only three shades of this, Fuschia-ristic (which I own and love), Nudist (ooo-errr!), and Plum Jam, which I picked up! I loved my first one, it smells like marshmallows and feels lovely on the lips. This is a burgundy-plummy shade would have been lovely for Autumn/Winter, but to be honest, I’ll wear it at any time of the year, I don’t care! I like how it’s a twist-up pecil type product even though it’s a lip gloss/stick. It’s a perfect dupe for the Revlon Kissable Balm stains, but smells better in my opinion! Lasts for a good few hours too! I definitely recommend these!

Soap & Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks are available from Boots exclusively and are priced at £8.



The very last thing I picked up was a quad from Maybelline in ‘Bronze Drama’. I got this a little earlier in the month, from Superdrug, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere online. It’s an Eyestudio quad though, which has a large highlight champagne shade, an orange-gold, a gorgeous khaki, and a deep green that’s allmmmost black. It’s a gorgeous selection of colour, if a little random. I love the champagne and khaki. All four shades are nicely pigmented and buttery.

So that’s my cheeky little haul for you! This is the first time I’ve been shopping to Boots and Superdrug in months, believe it or not!

Do you prefer applying make-up with or without brushes? Is foundation best applied with fingers?

Hope you’re all having wonderful days/evenings!

Christie xoxo


My Life In Pictures: March 2013

1 Apr

My Life In Pictures: March 2013

1. My hometown’s bridge on a rainy visit home from university.
2. Boots shopping bag hiding in my Cath Kidston tote. Shhh!
3. Outrageous selfie. Trying new things with my brows.
4. A picture of my two best girls at Uni.
5. Playing around with some pictures for a blog design I want. Leopard print scarf = love.
6.The love of my life, Nutella.
7. Spotted a duck in the pond on campus!
8. Just got snapchat. I hope my friend Sian never sees this post.
9. Lavender mani. Perfect for spring.


21 Jun

Check out my PicStitch skills! :L

I cannot believe that I haven’t uploaded this! I actually bought these items around two weeks ago and have had this post planned for a while, but ugh! Exams! 🙂 Anyway, at least the time gap has meant I can try them out for you, so I now have a few objective opinions.

Beware, this haul is only teeny tiny!

The very first item is the Ecotools Retractable Foundation Brush that I found at Boots and lusted after, but decided \I couldn’t afford, only to find that my cheeky Mum had bought it for me! (I had bought her some bits and bobs in Boots as a surprise too!) I bought an Ecotools brush set a few months ago, which was my first time ever testing a named brand of makeup brush out, and my gosh, have I been so pleased with myself for that purchase. This brush is no different, it’s dense and firm, but flexible too, not one hair has shed on my face in two weeks, it doesn’t soak up my foundation like that’s its job, and it’s SO SOFT! In addition, the Ecotools brand is all recycled and organic materials! 🙂 Definitely a recommendation, but if you do get it, save yourself a couple of pounds and buy it here on Amazon (with a shipping fee), as Ecotools brushes seem to be a lot cheaper there. Mum got some Boots points, but I wish we’d looked online first!

The second item (top right) is the Soap and Glory Hand Maid Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel, which I bought at Boots for £2.50 in a 3 for 2 offer on Soap and Glory (the offer’s still on if you click the link!). Originally, it was my Mum who was a fan of the Soap and Glory signature scent, but I’ve been converted and am now hooked. I’ve never been much of a ‘hand sanitizer kind of gal’, but for this product, I would happily join a Soap and Glory religion. It’s perfect. It smells lush, it’s in a handy little squeezy bottle, the packaging is super cute, and over half is gone already. I use it every morning before I do my makeup (hint hint S+G, make a bigger size for me to keep at home 😉 ) and then I throw it in my bag to use throughout the day. A definite must buy for the scent and the quality.

Next up is the Soap and Glory Mini ‘The Daily Smooth’ Amazingly Effect Dry Skin Formula Body Butter (phew!), priced at £2.50 again from Boots, which is also in the offer! I do like this, but it definitely doesn’t smell like the famous ‘Hand Food’ or one of my favourite products ever, ‘The Righteous Butter’ . It smells very lovely though, I prefer that it comes in a little squeezy tube because I feel like I use less product and the packaging is adorable! As for dry skin, I haven’t noticed a huge difference, but I do occasionally use it on my sister’s hands (don’t judge me, we’ve run out of hand cream!) and she says she’s noticed a significant difference. The other day she ran up to me and went, ‘Christie, feel how smooth my hands are!’ and then proceeded to wipe her hands on my face. Thanks sister. :L I think I’d reccommend this product, but if I had to choose between this and others, it won’t win the battle.

Lastly, I bought another Revlon Lip Butter, to add to my collection of…one. 😀 This time, I went for the colour ‘Peach Parfait’, which is the colour that Emma Stone is wearing is the ads for the products. I may have just been drawn in by the hype, but this hasn’t lived up to my standards…yet. It’s a dark pinky coral (totally different to the ads, do not be misled!), with small flecks of gold glitter. Don’t worry if this is the shade you have your heart set on, it’s perfectly lovely and the gold isn’t really noticeable! The problem I find is that the glitters are annoyingly abrasive. The formula of the Revlon Lip Butters is a big win for me because they’re so practical for daytime, but the glitter in this seems huge when applied to the lips! I’m sure the more I wear it, the more I’ll love it, but I kind of wish I’d gone for a different shade now! Revlon 1- Christie 0. Never mind!
I bought it at Boots about two weeks ago for £8, but at the moment in Superdrug they are a much more reasonable £5.99! Here’s the link to all the colours they have available. I

Has anyone tried out any other Revlon Lip Butters or Ecotools brushes? What would you recommend?

I hope you all have a very lovely day!
Don’t forget to smile 🙂
Christie xoxo

NOTY: Glizty Golden Glam

14 Jun

I recently went on a bit of a shipping spree with my Mum, and Boots are doing those abfab £5 any No.7 purchase again. I LOVE these vouchers. No.7, although a less expensive brand to many, is basically high-end in my opinion. I personally, on a students budget, don’t have the cash to splash out on a £15 mascara or £8 makeup wipes, so the voucher makes me feel a bit luxurious when I can pick something pricier up in Boots and take it to the counter knowing its not going to hit my purse hard.
I got a gorgeous nail varnish, it’s a new (and unfortunately limited edition 😦 booo!) glitter polish from No.7 and there’s also a silver counterpart, but I think gold is a gorgeous colour for summer.

It’s a clear-based polish, with differing size golden glitters. It applies really nicely, and this look took two coats. I think it would look stunning over a blue polish, or even a champagney colour! It was originally £8, but with my nifty little voucher, I only had to fork out £3 at the till. £3. That’s a Barry M nail varnish. Such good value! Definitely worth checking out this polish while the offer’s still there. It runs out this Sunday, but Boots don’t open on Sundays, so Saturday’s your last shot. I have another voucher hidden away in my purse, so I think I’ll be sneaking in to snap up the silver soon (enough alliteration in that sentence?!) 🙂

Are there any ridiculously priced higher-end products that you’ve been lusting after?
Don’t forget to smile 🙂
Christie xoxo