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5 Things To Take From First Year

23 May

Hello lovelies,

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I will take my last exam, a French oral, at 11.15, and then my first year of university will be over. This year’s been quite the journey for me. I think anyone that goes through a major life change can vouch for that. It’s been incredible, and scary, and difficult and enlightening. A few things have remained constant, and a few things will be revelations.

1. The love and support of my friends from home is paramount. 
Since arriving at RoHo, my perspective on friendship has been drastically altered. You really do have to find the people who care, because so many just won’t.

2. The desire for me to support myself is key for me to succeed.
This year has only reinforced what I already knew; I want to be able to support myself financially and be independent. Whether that means paying rent at my parents house once I graduate, moving abroad (a definite possibility), or just getting a 9-5 job and living in a little flat, I know that’s what I want to be doing. I think me and my best friend have that in common. Something that our surroundings, our upbringings and being around each other our whole lives has taught us.

3. Not everyone will want to hear your opinions. 
I thought that university would be my kind of, cultural stomping ground. That I would find people who had the same and different opinions and that we would all get along. More often than not, you don’t find people like that. In my experience, there are five types of University students.

a. The drinkers/partiers.
b. The loners.
c. The activities whores.
d. The overachievers.
e. The workers.

Most people are a combination of two or more, and if I’m honest, I’m probably more of a cheerful and sociable b/e combo. If you don’t find those other people who are the same combo as you, you’re pretty much destined to fail. I think I’ve given all five a try at some point, but I just fit best into a schedule. I’m jealous of those who can just throw caution to the wind and do whatever, I tell ya!

4. It’s okay not to be okay!
Although I haven’t been clamouring to go home constantly, I have experienced bouts of homesickness. The worst thing is when you’ve got a project due, an essay due, lectures in the morning that you haven’t prepared for, no money and nobody to give you a big squishy hug! I had one maaaajor meltdown this year, where I actually Skyped my Mum and sister at 6.30am before they headed off for work/school and just cried about all my problems. It’s okay not to be okay for a bit. You will pick yourself up, dust yourself off and be on your way relatively soon!

5. It’s okay to have a change of heart.
I’m not planning on giving up on my degree, but it’s definitely different to what I was anticipating as I made my journey from a quiet Kent village to…a quiet Surrey village last September. If you get to Uni, and you KNOW you don’t want to be there, then it’s okay not to be there. I think I had so much pride, or will or something at the beginning of the year that I didn’t really realise how this just wasn’t for me. It didn’t click. And I’ve tried loads of stuff to keep me going, like joining clubs and really trying hard in class and doing extra research, but there’s not really anything (especially in Drama) that excites me. What’s keeping me going now is that I have an income and I have a year abroad to look forward to. And that’s really good enough for me.

So there are the 5 top things I have learned this school year.
Definitely going to be indulging in some serious retail therapy tomorrow! I’ve not even set a budget! :O And there will be a haul, don’t you worry!

Now,if any of you would like to give me suggestions of what to spend my hard earned cash on, I would LOVE TO KNOW!
Have a wonderful day/evening,and I shall speak to you all soon!
Christie xoxo

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