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1 Mar

Hi lovelies!

February favourites time. I’m so glad February is over. It’s always my worst month, filled with deadlines and money woes. This is the last year though, so hoorah! (fingers crossed I pass Uni, and it is the last year) Let’s get cracking!

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer – £7.99

This is a pretty new favourite for me, but it’s the best concealer I’ve tried in a long time. As someone who has pretty desert-y skin, with super parched under eyes, most concealers I’ve tried have just not lived up to the hype. Including the Nars Radiant Creamy and the Urban Decay Naked Skin. Major sad face. This feels light as air, provides dreamy coverage and doesn’t cling to any dry patches. That’s all I want! *snaps for Bourjois*

M.A.C Eyeshadows in ‘Omega’ (left) and ‘Patina’ (right)- £13 each

From ‘don’t believe the hype’ products, to ‘totally believe the hype products’. These shadows combine to make such the perfect barely there smokey eye look on my pale, pale skin. ‘Patina’ has long-been my favourite, and ‘Omega’ is such a perfect crease colour (as well as a universal brow powder, if you’re searching), and together they are perf. This combo is pretty much foolproof, not even ‘eye’ (haha, get it) can mess it up.

Also, these shadows are pretty much appropriate for any occasion. They’re perfect day to night-ers, I always just grab the duo and a Sigma E40 and buff on a bit more ‘Patina’ for night. And the pigmented, but non-creamy texture means they’re super long lasting.

Dior’s Glowing Gardens Illuminating Powder in ’01’ – £40

I hunted high and low for this baby. Like, seriously high and low. I had three other people on the lookout for it during my no-buy. And it’s still the only beauty product I’ve bought all year. I think I can definitively say that it’s my favourite highlighter of all time. Yep, I went there. I have so many highlighters, and this one is the cream of the crop. For all you fair-skinned girls out there, you just can’t go wrong with ’01’, and for everyone else, there’s ’02’. It’s silky, the perfect balance of glisten and glow, and it looks perfect. Just perfect. Look!


*angels singing from heaven*

Too Faced Melted Lipstick in ‘Fig’ – £19

Now. When I first got this just before Christmas, I almost hated it. I swatched it and went ‘Noooooooooo!’ I remember this clearly, because about a week afterwards, I went to London for a Twitter Q+A with Tina Fey. Yeah, nbd guys, just, you know, one of my heroes. And I picked this up at 6am, and thought, ‘I’ll give it a go again, I suppose.’ Thank goodness I did, because this baby is the perfect winter pink for me. It’s not dark enough to be berry, and not light enough to be nude, it’s that perfect balance, and I just adore the way it looks.


A very poor photo from Snapchat, but omg look how pretty right?!


Zoeva brushes – prices vary

I’m so in love with my Zoeva brushes that I couldn’t pick just one as a favourite. I got these in the glorious 5 days between Christmas and New Year and oh my. The best value for money brush ever, the best presentation ever. Fab fab brushes, and if you’re a little wary of splashing the cash on a set (these are the Rose Gold Vol.1 Eye Set), please just pick up one, fall in love, and thank me later.


Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I thought this was totally kick-ass. I described it as The Hunger Games meets The Selection, which will possibly only mean something if you’re into YA. The author has just released book 2, Glass Sword, and has said there’ll be two more books. Very exciting!



I saw this at 9.30am, alone, on a Thursday morning, in an empty cinema. It’s one of those films you leave the cinema thinking about, and spend the next week turning it over through your mind, churning through thoughts and feelings about the subject matter. I’m so so thrilled that Brie Larson won Best Actress at the Oscars, she was phenomenal, and Jacob Tremblay, who you’ve probably seen owning awards season and charming the socks off everyone he meets, has one of those faces that the camera just adores. Can’t wait to see what he does next. I will think about this film for a long time.


E.Mo.Tion – Carly Rae Jepsen

Yes, you heard right. Carly Rae Jepsen. This album is total bubblegum, and it knows it. Jepsen is no Taylor Swift, trying to sneak in little thoughtful ballads, or wanting to play with the media through lyrics. She just wants everyone dancing. I love this album, and February thanked me for discovering it. But beware, it’s pop. I mean, sickly sweet pop, so proceed at you own risk.

And that’s it for this month, lovelies. I can’t wait to get March out of the way. Once I hit the end of the month, I will have finished every single lecture of my Uni course. WAHOO.

Have a great day, or evening, wherever you are.

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FOTD: The No-Makeup Makeup Look

10 Feb

Hello lovelies!

A very speedy FOTD today for you. Definitely been loving this kind of make-up lately! Nude lips? So not me. But loving it!
As always, please avert your eyes if you are offended by bare faces!
ImageAaaand post-makeup!

I’m wearing Benefit’s ‘They’re Real Mascara’, Collection’s ‘Lasting Perfection Concealer’, The Body Shop’s ‘Honey Bronzing Powder’ in ’02’, Benefit’s ‘Sunbeam Highlighter’ and Beautiful Movement Cosmetics ‘Beautiful Lips’ Lipgloss in Nude.


So there ya go!

Hope you guys have a lovely day/evening, wherever you are!

bareMinerals ‘Bright and Beautiful Kit’ in ‘Light’.

27 Mar


I recently ordered for the first time from and picked up this bareMinerals kit that included a huge 8 FULL SIZE products from bareMinerals for….£22.85. Oh yes. 8 full sized high-end products for £23. I was shocked too. Let’s get into the products! (This will be a picture heavy post!)


Prime Time Brightening Foundation Primer – £17.85 for 30ml


Swatched in natural daylight.

This primer is nice, it reminds me of a thinner version of Benefit’s ‘The Porefessional’. I do have a problem with the packaging though, as the nozzle squirts product out at such a force that it actually went all over my face as I was trying to swatch it. I know it’s going to go there eventually, but I want to control the amount a bit better! This could just be my bottle though.

Total so far: £17.85


Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer – Roughly £60 for 8ml
All websites offer only 3ml for £16, which comes out to £5.33 per ml.


Swatched in natural daylight.

I LOVE this primer. It’s beautiful! It’s a champagne colour, easy to blend out and in lovely packaging. bareMinerals doesn’t actually sell this in the size it came to me in. This is 8ml, and the ‘full size’ on the website and feelunique is apparently 3ml. I don’t have a problem with that! The amount you get is amazing. This is gonna last me a while! 🙂

Total so far: £77.85 (!!!!!!)


Original Foundation SPF15 in ‘light w15’ – £25 for 8g. and


Okay, this is not my skintone. I don’t think that the company thought this through, because this is INCREDIBLY yellow and not really light at all. I don’t mind though, as I do my friends’ make-up a lot and my friend Emily has more yellow-toned skin that’s a little darker than mine. However, beware if you only need this for yourself. Try to pop into a Boots that sells bareMinerals and do some swatching. If you have pink tones in your skin though, this probably won’t be for you. It’s nice to blend though, and very finely milled and soft.

Total so far: £102.85


Mineral Blush in ‘Vivacious’ – £19 for 0.85g. and


Oh this is yummy! This is a perfect rosy pink blush, very nice to apply and would probably suit all skin tones. It has shimmer, not glitter, and again, is very finely milled. I love the packaging too.

Total so far: £121.85.


Eyecolour in ‘Alive’ – £14 for 0.57g. or


Okay well this is ridiculous. Definitely not a shade I would use all over my eyes, like they are suggesting. The ‘deep’ shade selection of the Bright and Beautiful kit actually had a beautiful bronzey coloured shadow, which I would have appreciated a lot more than a magenta-pink. That said, it’s the same situation as the other two, very soft and fine, nice to apply.

Total so far: £135.85


Swatched in natural daylight.


Big & Bright Eyeliner in ‘Plum’ – £13 for 0.35g. or


This eyeliner is a lovely, creamy consistency and it glides on to the waterline or tightline and smudges nicely. I actually love the colour too! It’s a plum shade, but one that isn’t too far away from black, so only someone very close would notice. It’s a nice way to start experimenting with colour if you’re afraid to wear it around the eyes! I know that I’m a sucker for black liner and neutral shadows, but you never know what might work. This looks lovely.

Total so far: £148.85


Lipgloss in ‘Lollipop’ – £14 for 4.2ml. or

This is so nice! It’s a very sheer, medium pink gloss with subtle silver flecks. I say flecks because they’re definitely not glitter, just shiny. I’m not too fond of the smell, but I like the feel of it on my lips. It’s quite sticky, not as sticky as a Bourjois or Mac lipgloss, but getting there. It also has a brush applicator, rather than I doefoot, which I like. I wish there were more brush applicators on lipglosses!

Total so far: £162.85


Swatched in natural daylight.


With flash at night.


Limited edition dual-ended brush – not available.



This is a nice brush. It’s not really anything special, but it’s nice. The pencil end is not as dense as I want it to be, and the shadow end is perhaps too dense, but they do a nice job, and I always love to add to my brush collection.


So…for all of that separately it would have cost you £162.85.


I’m really glad that I picked this kit up. It’s still in the ‘Outlet’ section on, so if this caught your eye, run, and I mean RUN, and pick it up. You won’t be sorry.

Do you own anything from bareMinerals? What would you love from this kit?

Christie xoxo


22 Aug

A quick post to let you know that I got into my first choice university and will be receiving a University of London degree (hopefully in four years time) with combined French and Drama honours. I leave in one month! :O I’m sure that my blogging activities will continue, I might even be a little more reliable. This is such an exciting milestone in my life, I got my A-Level results on the 16th of August, and my acceptance came through just this Monday. I’m reallllyyyy excited, I’ll be living in halls (with a double bed for the first time! :D) and about an hour and a half away from home. I’m really not worried about the distance, but I’m going to miss my friends so much!
Did any of you get results in August? If you did, I hope everything went well for you 🙂
Don’t forget to smile,
Christie xoxo 🙂


TotallyChristie’s Top Tips: Number 1

13 Apr

If you’re anything like me, then you’ll find it a pain to have to reapply lip balms during the day to keep your lips soft. What’s the point when you’ll just have to reapply them again..and again…and again all day. So, my top tip instead can give you soft lips without the hassle. Instead of reapplying during the day, condition and treat your lips just before you sleep! Just after I brush my teeth, I whack out my lip exfoliator from Lush, either Sweet Lips or Bubblegum, and I scrub my lips with it. The great thing about the scrubs is that they are edible- so no mess! 😉 Then, I use a heavy lip balm. My favourites are the Carmex Balms or my Body Shop Cocoa Butter number, but any balm will do! Apply lots- this should last you all night! Then, go to sleep and wake up feeling the benefits! If your poor lips are feeling parched, pop on the scrub, leave it (tempting I know!) and then layer the balm on top and rub your lips together.

Don’t forget to smile, with those lips you’re bound to catch someone’s eye! 🙂
Christie xoxo

Concealaholic: Bags be gone!

3 Mar

So, I’m ashamed to say that a year ago I never used concealer. Yes, I know, how did I live? How did I go out in the mornings? Well, in retrospect, I’m glad I didn’t, because it allowed me to learn to like my face without make-up. I’m not ashamed to post my non-makeup eye look on here because I learnt to do just that. Here’s a little before shot. Excuse the extremely unruly eyebrows and greasy skin (I just moisturised!)

However, this glorious invention has since entered my life, and I’ve been searching for the perfect budget concealer for a while. And I think I’ve found the perfect combination.

In this picture, I am wearing the following products.
Gosh Foundation Primer in Classic
Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation in 103: True Ivory
Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer in 001: Light (applied first with a brush, this is a heavy-duty concealer)
Bourjois Bio-Detox Organic Anti-Puffiness Concealer(phew!) in No. 2- Medium (dabbed gently with my ring finger)
Collection 2000 Pressed Powder in 10: Daydream
Barry M Kohl Pencil in White (along my waterline)
Stila Eyeshadow in Sandra (unfortunately discontinued, but any champagne colour would work!)
Gosh Haute Precision Mascara in Black

Hopefully, this finished eye look gives a better look than the natural one, but make-up obviously shouldn’t be changing your face entirely, it should just enhance your features naturally on an everyday basis.


(Just a quick note, these pictures were taken 10 minutes apart, with the same facial expression and in the same lighting and place. I find it really obvious when companies take before and after pictures that have been tweaked with lighting changes, or airbrushing!)

If anyone has any suggestions or comments about any of their concealing products or any of mine, then I’d love to hear! Also, if anyone would like a review on a certain product, then just leave me a comment!

Happy weekend, and don’t forget to smile!
Christie 🙂

Music of the Moment: Adele

1 Mar

I’ve found that when you’re have a good old girly think, then there’s no-one like Adele to tell you that you’re not alone in feeling completely sappy! When I’m thinking, Adele somehow helps me. She’s such an inspiring woman, so strong and so talented. What is your favourite song to listen to to help you think?

I’ll Be Waiting- Adele

Reviews later in the week, I’ve been using and finding some amazing products!

Don’t forget to smile! 😀

Thought I’d share a little thing with you…

27 Feb

I know this is a beauty-review blog, but I like to take different, alternative things to make-up and make people see the beauty of them too. I went round my school today, and managed to get a bunch of people to have a picture taken of their eyes. I zoomed in on one eye, and made a quick collage with them. I think that they are all beautiful! Reviews for anyone who can guess which one is me! 😀
Christie 🙂


Music of the moment.

18 Feb

I have been obsessed with the new Taylor Swift single, released  just ahead of ‘The Hunger Games’ rolling into cinemas. As a fan of the books, I have been eagerly anticipating the film release, and this only builds my excitement. The melody is haunting, and I find myself harmonising along with the beautiful stylings of Taylor and The Civil Wars. Oh I could just eat her up.

Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars – Safe & Sound (The Hunger Games)

I found this song a few months ago through a Tumblr tracked tag, and fell in love with it instantly. After trawling the internet to see whether I could buy it, I found out that it was nowhere! Absolutely nowhere. However, this has not lessened my love for the song. As a fan of Demi Lovato anyway (don’t judge me), I HAD to listen to this song over and over again. She sounds flawless! And I often think about how Hot Chelle Rae deserve more recognition in the UK!

Why Don’t You Love Me – Hot Chelle Rae ft. Demi Lovato

What are your favourite songs of the moment? Leave a comment and I’ll be sure to have a listen.

Don’t forget to smile, what have you got to lose?
Christie 🙂 

My obsessions.

18 Feb

So,  after a pretty desperate attempt at writing an actual ‘real’ blog with ‘real’ writing, I have decided that I can’t. You see…

Lately, I have become obsessed with the Youtube beauty community. The fact is, the girls(maybe guys too, but I haven’t come across any blusher-wearing boys as of yet) on Youtube who make videos genuinely know what they’re talking about, and most of them are pleasant to listen to. I am impressed almost every time I watch a video. However,  most of the time, when I adore a product they talk about, it isn’t available to me, because a)it’s only sold in the States and b)Everything they buy is so expensive! This is where my problem with the beauty community on Youtube begins. The fact that most of the girls are American isn’t their fault, yet I find myself resenting the fact that I can’t afford the new Nars blush, or the Mac concealer, and that if I could, the site wouldn’t ship it to me anyway! My ‘beauty buys’ have to be put on a budget, as my minimal income of 74.77 a month has to buy me clothes, toiletries, food and extra travel. A £50 palette is not going to happen. I have to trawl the streets if I want to learn.

Over the last 2 months, I have spent almost £40 on toiletries and make-up. Granted, the things I have bought, I am using, and this amount may not seem a lot to many of you, but if I’m honest, the amount I had spent totally surpassed my predictions. Only today, when I was standing in the queue in Superdrug (a.k.a my new second home) did I realise that the things in my arms were impulse buys, and that I most definitely needed a basket.

Therefore, I have decided to make some use of a little blog that no-one follows and talk about the things I have bought. Primarily to stop me buying things, but also to help any newbies or oldtimers or anyone that wants to know what a product is like.

Also, this gives me an excuse to buy more things. But shh, that will be our little secret.