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18 Feb

So,  after a pretty desperate attempt at writing an actual ‘real’ blog with ‘real’ writing, I have decided that I can’t. You see…

Lately, I have become obsessed with the Youtube beauty community. The fact is, the girls(maybe guys too, but I haven’t come across any blusher-wearing boys as of yet) on Youtube who make videos genuinely know what they’re talking about, and most of them are pleasant to listen to. I am impressed almost every time I watch a video. However,  most of the time, when I adore a product they talk about, it isn’t available to me, because a)it’s only sold in the States and b)Everything they buy is so expensive! This is where my problem with the beauty community on Youtube begins. The fact that most of the girls are American isn’t their fault, yet I find myself resenting the fact that I can’t afford the new Nars blush, or the Mac concealer, and that if I could, the site wouldn’t ship it to me anyway! My ‘beauty buys’ have to be put on a budget, as my minimal income of 74.77 a month has to buy me clothes, toiletries, food and extra travel. A £50 palette is not going to happen. I have to trawl the streets if I want to learn.

Over the last 2 months, I have spent almost £40 on toiletries and make-up. Granted, the things I have bought, I am using, and this amount may not seem a lot to many of you, but if I’m honest, the amount I had spent totally surpassed my predictions. Only today, when I was standing in the queue in Superdrug (a.k.a my new second home) did I realise that the things in my arms were impulse buys, and that I most definitely needed a basket.

Therefore, I have decided to make some use of a little blog that no-one follows and talk about the things I have bought. Primarily to stop me buying things, but also to help any newbies or oldtimers or anyone that wants to know what a product is like.

Also, this gives me an excuse to buy more things. But shh, that will be our little secret.