Three weeks 2.0

25 Sep

It’s been three weeks since I started my new job.

The last time I wrote a blog post was six months ago (whoops), and as I tend to do, it’s been neglected because life just, well, got in the way.

Since March…

I was promoted at my job.

I finished my exams and essays for my final year of undergraduate studies.

I was offered a new job.

I quit my old job (best feeling EVER).

The company that offered me the new job went under, and I lost that job.

I got another job the next day.

I lived in a caravan, alone, for two months.

I left Legoland Windsor, and I drove away from the place that had supported me through Uni with hundreds of happy and sad memories, and despite everything, I had a little cry.

I graduated from Royal Holloway with a 2:1, something I NEVER thought I would say, type, utter, anything.

I went on a glorious holiday.

My baby (a.k.a my trusty first ever car) died.

I got a new baby, a bright green Citroen C3 named Apple. The love of my life.

I started a new job as a teacher in a primary school.



And now here we are, three weeks in…and my god, it’s hard. It’s so hard and I haven’t even seen it at its worst yet.

I spend my days in a constant state of overworked, joyful despair. My kids are wonderful, but occasionally terrible, and it’s 50% my job to fix it.

I can’t help looking at some of my Uni and school friends and feeling jealous of the fact that they’ve got the freedom to just live for a while. Just bask in the freedom from education, in that sweet spot between University and reality. When it comes down to it though, I’m pretty sure that this is always where I’ve been heading. Having spent nearly 20 years in education, this seemed inevitable.

Well, at least for a while.

Hopefully the next update doesn’t arrive in six months this time. We’ll see.

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