Three weeks

6 Mar

It’s three weeks until I finish lectures at university. Three weeks, and I’ll just have exams and essays left. I can’t believe it, despite the fact that it’s pretty much all I’ve wanted for three and a half years.

University isn’t for everyone. And sometimes it is, but you make mistakes. You choose the wrong course, the wrong place, the wrong time. I think I did all of those things. I felt lots of pressure, and I still do. To make myself proud, my Mum proud, to defy the odds and be the first person in my family to go to University, to push my academic limits. I’ve found that University can completely change you, or it can affirm who you are, and who you have been for your whole life.

It’s no secret that I really haven’t found Uni helpful to me. I feel like my academic mind hasn’t changed much, and there are parts of me that haven’t changed a bit since 2012. And the things that have have been despite my studies, not because of them.

Being a working student is a rarity, unfortunately. So many people on my course, at my Uni, from my old school, or just in general skate by on money from Mum and Dad. I don’t think that this attitude will never not infuriate me. I was raised in an environment that proved I had to work hard if I wanted to survive, and so I have done from the day I stepped foot into my ludicrously expensive student accommodation. But I’ve learned so much more from work than I have from being at Uni.

Bring on these last three weeks.

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