MAC Attack: Lipsticks in ‘Diva’ and ‘Coral Bliss’ + Swatches

25 Apr

Hello lovelies!

Back with a super speedy post for you today about my first two MAC lipsticks! I purchased these a little while ago when Debenhams were offering a bag of freebies and free delivery on all orders over £20. They do that quite a bit, and I cave EVERY time.

ImageImageI’m literally drooling at the sight of them. Just kidding (not).


Diva is a deep matte burgundy while Coral Bliss is a creamy coral (duh) with a lot of shine.


Diva is a very full-colour, intense burgundy. It doesn’t really mind dry lips too much, but prefers a smooth surface to create a more flawless look. The smell is divine…why did no-one tell me how GOOD MAC lipsticks smell? All vanilla-y goodness. It has awesome lasting power too, I managed to eat, drink and talk with this baby on for a good six hours before noticing any wear and tear. That’s pretty good for a talkaholic foodie.


Coral Bliss is a muted coral with a creamy-pink toned centre. It tends to despise imperfections of the lips and does drag a little on application. The pigmentation isn’t all there, it’s definitely not high-colour, but does provide a nice pop on the lips. I expected the formula to be smoother, and it tends to wear off after three to four hours. Disappointed as this one was the one I was super excited about. The smell is still there though. 😉

Diva, swatched in natural daylight.


Coral Bliss, swatched in natural daylight.

Obviously I’m showing a preference here. Diva just outperforms Coral Bliss in every category. I’m glad I picked up two different finishes though, and I’m looking forward to trying a few more lippies from MAC.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? I’d love to know, and please leave me some suggestions in the comments as to which ones I should check out next!

Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!




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