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MAC Attack: Lipsticks in ‘Diva’ and ‘Coral Bliss’ + Swatches

25 Apr

Hello lovelies!

Back with a super speedy post for you today about my first two MAC lipsticks! I purchased these a little while ago when Debenhams were offering a bag of freebies and free delivery on all orders over £20. They do that quite a bit, and I cave EVERY time.
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Taking some time…

10 Apr

Hello lovelies! 

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Birthdays, MOTS, back to work, time to study…I haven’t really felt like I’ve been able to keep up. This week, I’ve made sure that I’ve taken time for myself, to take some pictures, to sort my washing out, to go food shopping, to check my budget. I’ve been feeling a bit crap, been lacking motivation for my diet and have been feeling generally a bit bleugh. However, I have found that taking a break has helped. Three days ago, I didn’t even think I could get the revision plan done. Now I feel a bit more confident that I’ll be okay. Thought I’d share my top 5 things to do when you’re feeling down or even just a bit lacklustre.

1. Catch up. 
             Whether this means with friends or family, with bills or paperwork, catching up with things you’ve been putting off can boost your mood straight away. I’ve been home twice in the last month, and I feel so much better when I’m surrounded with friends and family. I’ve also rung the tax office, done some washing and tidied up a bit. I feel more organised and so much better. (I saw Divergent over the weekend and was impressed. Maybe more impressed with the slushies that me and my bestie Andy got for the cinema….bad?)

2. Smile more. 
               Genuinely smiling and wishing people well is a wonder-worker when it comes to feeling more positive. Even if you don’t plan on doing anything more than popping to get petrol, prepping a positive attitude can change your whole outing. I recently went of a food shop and felt amazing when someone actually returned my ‘have a nice day’ (working in customer service trains you). Don’t forget, people have bad days and have to work jobs that they hate, being a good customer can make it more bearable.

3. Pamper!
              Considering this is predominantly a beauty blog, this one should have been obvious. Whether it’s a long hot bath, testing out a new face mask or just shaving your legs, you often have a clearer head and more refreshed (both mentally and physically) after a soak. 

4. Make yourself up. However you want.
                This might not work for everyone, but I’ve found that putting on make-up and actually doing my hair nicely is such a relaxing experience for me. It always perks me up! If the mood strikes, you could also take a few selfies…see below! I think that the whole idea of ‘selfie shaming’ is ridiculous, and it’s how lots of girls end up with a lack of confidence in their looks. Bare faced, totally glam, all faces are beautiful and if you feel gorgeous then you are allowed to show that. It’s a display of confidence, own it!

5. Do absolutely nothing.
                         Yep, you read that right. Do nothing. Chill. Lay on the sofa all day. Stay in bed with Netflix and a hot chocolate. Eat Doritos like they’re going out of style. The next day you’ll feel a. full of energy and b.motivated to actually get some stuff done. 

I hope my little tips have been a little help. One more day off then back to work. Hopefully I’ll have a nails related post up for you soon!

Have a lovely (relaxed) day/evening, wherever you are…