The No-Brush Challenge!

4 Feb

Hello lovelies!

I just finished washing my make-up brushes, but definitely forgot to do my make up first. Whoops. I decided to challenge myself, if I could do my make up without any brushes then I would let myself watch some episodes of The Office while I blogged! Let me know if I succeeded (I totally watched The Office anyway).

Fair warning…avert your eyes if make up free faces shock you in any way…

ImageAnd after the little no-brush makeover….

The hardest part was definitely the bronzer. It was terrible. Honestly. I didn’t leave the house. Can any of you guys do better than me? (yes you can!)

Have a great day/evening, wherever you are!


One Response to “The No-Brush Challenge!”

  1. daisyjanine February 4, 2014 at 9:17 pm #

    I wish my skin was as clear as yours, so jealous haha! x

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