20 Sep

Hello lovelies!
A few months ago, me and my oldest friend Sian decided that we needed a holiday. We worked in Brussels a few years ago, and absolutely fell in love with the place, so we ideally wanted to go there. After debating for a while and comparing costs, Prague looked like the winning city. We went for three nights, and three whole days (as we flew late in the evenings) and it was beautiful! Just a few snaps from our trip.





This one is possibly my favourite of the whole trip. Not sure why, and no-one else thinks it’s good, but I loves it. That’s my friend Sian, by the way.

We had a lush time in Prague. I will say that it would have been very easy to get caught in tourist traps. Eating on the outskirts of the main town was MUCH cheaper than eating on one of the main shopping streets. We paid almost double for smaller portions and crappy service in the centre than in a little bar/restaurant called ‘Bruska’ near Hradčanská where we stayed. We stayed at the Villa Schwaiger, which was affordable, 4 stars and had a nice little breakfast and good service every morning. 🙂 

Hopefully soon we can go somewhere where I can say more than ‘Thankyou’, and ‘The bill, please’. Ha!
Today I had a terrible migraine but luckily it has eased off now, meaning I can head to work tomorrow and earn a bit of money for what I am sure will be a money-saving October! Barring my iPad! That, I’m definitely getting. Updates soon!

As always, feel free to follow me on twitter (@totallychristie), Instagram (@christieannturner) or drop me a comment down below! I love chatting to you lovelies!

Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!


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