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Beauty Buzz Buys

24 Sep

Hello lovelies!
Some things we buy due to impulse. Other things we research and save up for. And some things…some things make us cave to the hype. A few recent buys of mine have definitely been due to the beauty buzz! Mini reviews after each one let all of you know whether they’re worth the wonga.

ImageLa Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo – £13

This stuff is supposed to be the latest in French skincare and some kind of miracle worker when it comes to imperfections. It bears a pretty hefty price tag but is supposed to be worth it. At the moment, after about a week, I haven’t seen anything improve. In fact, my skin is actually pretty bad at the moment. I’m not that impressed with what’s supposed to be the best skincare around. I shall definitely keep using it though.

What are your opinions on expensive skincare? Do you think they should provide results within a couple of days to go with the large price tag?

ImageBourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation – £10.99

I try so many foundations that sometimes they become a little forgettable. However, this one stands out from the crowd. I’m a big lover of the 1-2-3 Perfect foundation from Bourjois, but this is silky-smooth and a little more hydrating. I’ve been having some issues with redness around my nose and this foundation is one of the only ones in my collection that goes some way to covering that up. It is expensive for a drugstore foundation, but if you have normal/dry skin and are looking for something that doesn’t just enhance your dry patches, it’s worth giving this a go. Not to mention that it smells ABSOLUTELY DIVINE. Like fruity and fresh for your face!

ImageVitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask from The Body Shop£12

Hmm. This is a difficult one. I love the way this is so quick to dry on my skin, and it does give me nice moisture, but it hasn’t got that ‘wow-factor’ that I have come to expect from The Body Shop. I suppose that I hold them in high standards. This is nice but not nice enough for me to repurchase I don’t think. Good for little annoying dry patches and you can pile it on as many times as you like in one day without your skin screaming out for a break.

ImageImage(Of course the middle brush has been used aha!)

Real Techniques Duo-Fibre Brush Collection – £23

I caved and bought another set of RT brushes.I know, I know, shoot me. I am wholeheartedly impressed with every single brush I have purchased from the Real Techniques line. These guys are no exception. They are limited edition, super soft and just what I needed/didn’t really need but wanted anyway! If you haven’t tried any Real Techniques brushes, you absolutely should. They are well worth it.

So there’s my little first impressions on those items that had me buzzing! I’m being paid soon and so I’m sure there will be another haul coming your way in the near future.

Until then, I’d love it if you tweeted me your thoughts on hyped-up products! I’m @totallychristie on Twitter!
Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!


Eyes of The Day: September Blues

20 Sep

Hello lovelies!
Quick eyes of the day post that uses The Body Shop’s Shimmer Cubes Palette 22. I received this little palette as a birthday gift, and MAN am I impressed. the pigmentation is beautiful, the shades are perfect together, and that mint colour! I adore it on the lids, as a liner, on the lower lashline, perfect!



So there you go. I used Clinique High Impact Mascara and my new Bombshell Liquid Liner in Onyx.

Have a beautiful day/evening, wherever you are!

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20 Sep

Hello lovelies!
A few months ago, me and my oldest friend Sian decided that we needed a holiday. We worked in Brussels a few years ago, and absolutely fell in love with the place, so we ideally wanted to go there. After debating for a while and comparing costs, Prague looked like the winning city. We went for three nights, and three whole days (as we flew late in the evenings) and it was beautiful! Just a few snaps from our trip.





This one is possibly my favourite of the whole trip. Not sure why, and no-one else thinks it’s good, but I loves it. That’s my friend Sian, by the way.

We had a lush time in Prague. I will say that it would have been very easy to get caught in tourist traps. Eating on the outskirts of the main town was MUCH cheaper than eating on one of the main shopping streets. We paid almost double for smaller portions and crappy service in the centre than in a little bar/restaurant called ‘Bruska’ near Hradčanská where we stayed. We stayed at the Villa Schwaiger, which was affordable, 4 stars and had a nice little breakfast and good service every morning. 🙂 

Hopefully soon we can go somewhere where I can say more than ‘Thankyou’, and ‘The bill, please’. Ha!
Today I had a terrible migraine but luckily it has eased off now, meaning I can head to work tomorrow and earn a bit of money for what I am sure will be a money-saving October! Barring my iPad! That, I’m definitely getting. Updates soon!

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Have a wonderful day/evening, wherever you are!

FOTD: Peach Perfect

18 Sep

Hello lovelies!

I thought I would pop a little FOTD in here. In the UK, we have had a lush Summer, but them September 8th came. You could feel the change in the air (or was it just me?). I woke up for work and it was like I stepped out of bed into Autumn. To me, it means one step closer to the most fabulous time of the year, Winter, but to loads of others, it just means that Summer has been left behind. As a little homage to Summer, I thought I’d help everyone cling to the warmer months with a peach lippy, but give it a cool-toned twist.

ImageCheeks: Powder (Rimmel’s ‘Bronze) over cream (Revlon’s ‘Pinched’)
Lips: Topshop’s ‘Whimsical’
Face: Bourjois’ Healthy Mix Serum in ‘Light Vanilla’


Eyes: BareMinerals’ Prime Time Brightening Shadow Primer

That cool-toned peachy coral! AH LOVE!
Hope you all have a wonderful day/night, wherever you are!
A little *disclaimer*. I enjoy putting make-up on, and could happily do my make-up and experiment all day, however, when it comes to my hair, if I’m not leaving my house, I do NOT see the point. I have thick, wavy hair that doesn’t really like to behave either. It would take three times as long to do my hair than my face.
That rather long-winded disclaimer-type thing is just to explain why my hair looks crap basically. I feel like actually doing my hair would have taken less time than to type that out! Ha! 🙂

GlossyBox: September 2013

18 Sep

Hello lovelies!
I received my first GlossyBox in the post yesterday and I am SO excited about it! This month the theme was ‘London Edition’, probably to coincide with LFW, and my oh my, the box was beautiful!

ImageHow cute is that Union Jack?

ImageOnto the products!


Toni & Guy is a brand that I’m pretty familiar with, but I haven’t tried this serum yet. It’s full-size (I think), has a nice, hair producty-scent, and is not so liquidy that it slides off your fingers before you get it on your hair. Will definitely have to try it with my hair actually ‘done’.

ImageThis little perfume sample is unlike many of the samples that often are included in beauty boxes. It’s like a sample that comes in a coffret, rather than a teeny tiny spray bottle that doesn’t really give you an idea of whether you want to buy the full size or not. Don’t get me wrong, those teeny-tiny bottles, I welcome them with open arms, but this is so much better! Elizabeth Arden is a luxury brand that I wouldn’t necessarily venture to of my own volition, but this floral scent is super light and feminine, perfect for transitioning into autumn. GlossyBox also have given every person who receives a box a free skin consultation and a free body moisturiser to match the perfume. I think they get me. I just like the freebies. 😉

ImageDefinitely heard the hype about this product! When I opened the box, my friends were over and the name did illicit a few giggles from them, I must say. Something like this is perfect for the colder months because my lips get really chapped) minds out of the gutter, people) and it’s a really intense, nourishing formula. I did a little extra research on the ‘Dr.Lipp’ brand, and it’s medically tested to be one of the safest products on the market in terms of allergies and it is also helps to heal things like burns and eczema, which makes this not only a handy product, but for some people a confidence-boosting one. Burns or eczema in places that are easily visible can reduce people’s self-confidence and make them feel anxious or nervous in public. Something that helps that gets a big thumbs up in my book. The sample is small though, so you would have to buy a full-size relatively quickly if you decided that you liked it.

ImageSome lashes for me are probably not the best thing as I am a. very very very bad at applying them, and b. very picky about what I wear. However, these ones are super nice, very subtle, relatively easy to apply (I think I need more practice) and have not bothered me since I applied them at about 11am. They look so natural. I did cut them into half-lashes to get more than one use but they would only need a little trim for most eyes I think. I like that GlossyBox included a brand that I knew too!

ImageThis is a liquid eyeliner from the US (I thought this was the London box?!) brand ‘Be a Bombshell’. It’s a basic, black felt-tip liner. I will say one thing a little bit negative about it… The nib of the liner is so big! When I applied it to my upper lash line it felt as if it was covering my whole eye. It produces a pretty thick line as a result. I think it’s pretty cool that GlossyBox included a US brand that isn’t readily available in UK drugstores, but I think there are other liners from the UK market that impress more. That being said, I understand that GlossyBox makes deals with companies that are not always familiar with us in the UK, so I’m willing to give this baby another shot. 🙂

The total value of this box was £27.81. Approximately. I had to do some dollar converting.

So that’s my GlossyBox! The first one! EEEEP! I’m excited to get my next one and keep testing out these products, I don’t know about you, but there’s something about samples that just excites me! I did hear that some people got a Rimmel ‘Stay Blushed’ blusher or an HD Brows kit, but I think that the variety in boxes makes it more of a surprise! 

Today I’m just going to Skype my friend Kent who’s getting ready to return to the UK for her last year at Uni here (she’s in the US at the mo, so jel…miss you Kent!) and get prepped for going back to work tomorrow. It’s been a bit of a rough week in to be honest, so hopefully it gets a little better. Posts about my recent trip to Prague and a little FOTD coming soon!

Lust-Haves – A/W 2013

6 Sep
Lust-Haves - A/W13
Hello lovelies!
A little lust-haves post today of the things that I am in NEED OF. Yes, it’s need. No, I’m not exaggerating.If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll know that my number 1 make-up brand is Benefit, and there are very few products that I have not tried. Finding Mr.Bright has 3 whole products (!!!) that I haven’t tried, and Benefit sample sizes last me ages. The one product I have tried (PosieTint) I liked so much that I ran out of it! The MAC 217 brush is super blogged-about, but for good reason. No other brand has been able to recreate the blending power of this baby. Mary Lou-Manizer from TheBalm is a newer want of mine. Ever since essiebutton started to rave about it, I just had to have it. Only a certain amount of time before I cave in and buy Hypnose Star Mascara from Lancome, and the gorgeous packaging designed by Alber Elbaz makes it all the more tempting. Real Techniques brushes never fail to disappoint, and the next time I see this travel set, it’s MINE. Just out of stock everywhere at the moment… The Youth Liberator Serum Foundation from YSL has taken over from my Touche Eclat Foundation lust. A serum would just work better on my dry skin, I think. If any of you lovely girls have tried it, let me know how you liked it. And finally, the Korres Lip Butter. One of those thingsI don’t need at all, but want it for the hype.
Have a wonderful day/night, wherever you are!
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My Life In Pictures: August 2013

6 Sep


My best friends and I on my 19th /
My handsome cousin Luke and his beautiful bride Beth /
Day out in Windsor /
My uni boys, Charlie and Roo on campus /


August was seriously the BEST. Can it be my birthday again please? Hopefully September is filled with exciting things and beautiful friends as well. 🙂
Holiday time!


FOTD: Birthday Edition

4 Sep

Hello lovelies!

Quick FOTD for you. The 31st of August was my 19th birthday, and the night before I went out with my friends (before I felt so poorly that I left at 10.30) and decided to go glam on the make-up. To some this probably is everyday wear, but the sparkle made me feel all pretty!

I used my Stila ‘In the Light’ Palette and my Topshop Lipstick in ‘Whimsical’.

August Faves and My Life In Pictures coming up!