A Girl’s Guide to Navigating the Net

28 Aug

Hello lovelies!

A bit of a different post for you today. My birthday countdown has begun, and considering I’m the last of all of my friends to turn 19 (the joys of being born on August 31st), I’m making it a very big deal. I have my friend, Jess, visiting for a few days, we’re heading back home to Kent tomorrow, out Friday night, family party Saturday and then back to work on Monday. Busy week, yet…

Me and Jess always joke that whenever we’re together we just hold a ‘Laptop Club’ meeting. We are total internet junkies, for different and similar reasons, and I decided to make a list of must-have sites for every kind of girl. If there’s not a website you love in here, then there’s quite possibly no pleasing you! 😉

The TV Junkie
ImageThe TV addict knows what they want. They want to watch TV. However, they do not always know what to watch, that’s entirely dependent on mood. Netflix gives you thousands of options. Whether you’re up for a quick romantic fix (Pride and Prejudice), ready for a serious commitment (CSI) , keen on the critics’ darling of the moment (Breaking Bad) or just in need of a good laugh (Clueless), Netflix has something for even the most dedicated box set junkie or DVD collector.

 The Social Media-Savvy
In an evolving era where social media is definitely the norm, the social media savvy has at least three platforms to involve herself/himself in. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr are all required reading where social media is concerned, but the new wave is definitely capturing life via images. Vine is an awesome app that allows you to capture short clips from your life and it’s totally the new craze. Instagram panicked when they found out, and released such a crappy video feature you’d think they had some competition.

The Pub Crawler
Everyone has the friend who encourages you all to ‘get off the internet and live a little.’ Little do you know that the number one resource for any alcohol-seeker is cult site wherethefuckshouldigofordrinks.com. Not the most PG name, but definitely the best way to find the nearest (or best) place to drink in your area. Go for gold.

The Shopaholic
If you haven’t heard of this website or placed an order, you aren’t a true shopaholic. ASOS provides quality fashion, accessories and beauty products with free shipping and 10% off if you’re a student. Pretty much a shopaholic’s haven, there always seems to be a sale on, and you can support independent boutiques by buying from the Marketplace.

The Bookworm
The bookworms among us thirst for new material to devour, so much so that they’ve created a website where they can further the novels that inspire them. Fanfiction.net is a community where readers and authors come together and write and read stories inspired by the books/TV/films/anime/musicals that they love. Whether you’re into classic Harry Potter (over 650,000 stories to date) or a bit of classic Austen (Pride and Prejudice has a measly 3,000 stories, can you tell I’m an Austen fan haha), there’s something for everyone and no shortage of material.

The Fashionista
If seeing what’s in style is all you want to do, Polyvore is the place for you. You can search for the newest fashions, create collages and mood boards, put virtual outfits together…all for free. Then you can shop the stores that stock your styles. Wow, alliteration.

The Blogger
Last but not least, the blogger is a new kind of archetype that combines many of the above. Bloggers love to read, see what’s in style, be social media savvy etc. but the place for bloggers now seems to be…bloglovin. A place where all of your blogs show up at once, bloglovin makes it easy to stay up to date with the unmissable posts and what your fave bloggers are raving about.

Aaaaaand speaking of bloglovin, I’ve actually just added a bloglovin button to my page, which means if you click on it, you’ll be able to stay updated with my blog via bloglovin. EEEP! Exciting.

Today I’ve been shopping in Windsor with Jess and spoiled myself rotten. Haul to come!
Hope you all have wonderful days/evenings,


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