I’m Having A Mascara Moment: Revlon’s ‘Grow Luscious’

13 Aug

Hello lovelies!

This post today is the start of a new series called ‘I’m Having A Mascara Moment’, which will basically be a mini review and demo on different mascaras that I own. The average girl might own three or four mascaras, and use one pretty regularly. I just counted mine, and I have fifteen different mascaras. Hopefully, by the end of the series I will have reviewed enough mascaras for you to make up your mind which one is the best. I might even rank them!

The way this will work is that each mascara will be judged on five basic points.
Packaging, Lasting Power, Wand and Formula and Price.
The final mark will be out of 50, as each mascara can score up to 10 points per category.

Let’s get started!

Revlon’s Grow Luscious by Fabulash Mascara

Packaging – 5/10
ImageThe green packaging is nice, but very un-Revlon like. I love the clean, crisp lines of Revlon’s usual products, so this is a bit of a dud in that sense. It’s nice and simple though.

Lasting Power – 7/10
Wearing this to a family wedding (I cried) was probably not a great idea. This is not the waterproof formula. However, at work it managed to last all day. Only a little bit droopy by the end of the say, my lashes were satisfied.

Wand – 7/10
The wand is a relatively standard brush wand that tapers down to a more fine point at the end. The bristles are very dense and so the wand can occasionally tug at your lashes. I was suitably impressed at how it tackled the lower lashes though.

Formula – 5/10
The formula is a little clumpy for my liking, but it does lengthen and volumise well. My personal preference with mascara is that it separates before it volumises though, and for that reason this doesn’t impress me as much as I would like.

Price – 6/10
Priced at £10 in Boots and Superdrug, Grow Luscious is one of the more expensive ‘drugstore’ mascaras out there. However, you do get a lot of product for your money, for £9.99 you get 11.2ml of product.




Final verdict – 30/50

Not bad for a drugstore mascara, but after seeing so many rave reviews, I expected more. Definitely caved to the hype!

Hope you are all having wonderful days or evenings,



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