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27 Jun

Hello lovelies,

I love that this blog is about all things beauty and cosmetics, it’s a total indulgence for me to write about something so different from what I do on a daily basis. But this will, always, be a place to just publish some thoughts, whether they are to do with my latest finds or reviews of products.
The past year of my life to others would look pretty standard! Exams, results, university, missing family and friends, getting a steady job, living alone, meeting new people. But to me it’s been a whirlwind! 
I remember my first day at university. I was petrified (probably mostly due to the fact that I thought for sure that everyone would hate me), and it was petrifying, but in a really good way. I was a really young fresher, I turned eighteen then three weeks later moved out, and I definitely was a mature first-year. To think about being mature then is truly eye-opening to me, because I have changed so much in one year. My past self would be stunned at me today. I’ve made a list of things that I want to hold onto, and that I want to let go of, and things that I want to find. Hopefully some of you will recognise some of these things in yourselves from some point in your lives.

I want to hold onto: my approachability, my sense of humour, my best friend, my tee-total-ness, my work ethic, my enthusiasm, my car (a.k.a my baby), my addiction to eyeshadow, my appreciation for family, my ‘you-work-for-what-you-get’ attitude.

I want to let go of: my diet coke addiction (it’s getting dangerous), my sleeping habits, my laziness, my fears, my spending habits, my regrets, my ‘friends’ who aren’t really friends, that terrible wrinkle in my forehead (I’m eighteen, for goodness’ sake!), my aversion to animals who move faster than 10m a day.

I want to find: a really wonderful laughing buddy at Uni, some motivation for my degree, some courage to figure out what I want to do with my life, a really big pile of money (or a winning lottery ticket, I’m not fussy), a reason to get back in touch with a friend, gilmore girls series six and seven on dvd, a fitness regime that works around my lifestyle, some fantastic cooking abilities, and a way to get off of the internet.

To be honest, the way to get off the internet would solve about 90% of those problems.

ImageI know that this kind of defeats the point of my whole ‘way to get off of the internet’ wish, but I’ve been loving Pinterest lately. I repin lovely quotes, makeup and beauty, a little photography etc. I’d love to find some more people to follow, so absolutely head on over and say ‘hi!’. We’ve got cookies? 🙂

Don’t forget to love yourself today, for tomorrow, there’ll be a whole new you to love.


Lust Haves – Summer 2013 2.0

27 Jun

Hello lovelies!
I’m going shopping tomorrow, and plan to return with many beautiful things, as I got my first ever full month’s wages the other day! These are what I’ve been lusting over for a few busy (and blog-less) few weeks.

1. Revlon’s Nail Enamel in ‘Bare Bones’
I saw this a few months back on essiebutton’s blog and as I’m a big lover of nude nail polish, I wanted it instantly. It slipped to the back of my mind, but as I was sorting through my collection the other day, I realised that a. I didn’t have it and b.I really wanted it. 

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
This is a holy grail product for so many people, but I have never had any interest in Elizabeth Arden products. However, I break out around my chin all the time and I’m hoping this might solve dry skin and spots around there. Probably not but it’s worth a go!

3. Bourjois Vintage Little Round Blush Pot in Rose d’Or
These are so cute, and that’s basically my reasoning behind wanting this! Also, as a French student, anything with French-esque packaging is basically a compulsory buy.

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately guys! Hoping to get some more posts in soon! 🙂

Also thought I’d share this gem with you.

May Beauty Favourites

3 Jun

Hello lovelies! Got some favourites to share with you.
ImageFirst up is The Righteous Butter from Soap & Glory. I need all the moisture I can get now that I work outside. This smells divine and the scent lingers, does the job and makes me feel less dry.
ImageThen I have something that I haven’t shared with you yet, my Estee Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick in ‘Tiramisu Shimmer’. It was a freebie with a recent purchase, but it’s absolutely gorgeous and is a great colour to wear when you have a natural makeup work code. It feels lovely on your lips, and I think I’ve worn it every day since I got it.

I am a serious make-up thief when it comes to my sister’s collection. She never uses her make-up, and I think that’s a waste. So I whipped this one out of her make-up bag. She hasn’t noticed yet, and I’ll buy her a new one when she does! It’s the Rimmel Glam Eyes Trio in Orion. I use the brown mixed with the white for a brow powder. I don’t dye my brows, but I do dye my hair. It’s difficult to pull off lighter brows with darker hair, although the opposite combination seems to be very popular. This powder gives the perfect amount of colour and lasts. It’s a great eyeshadow palette too.

ImageImageAs I mentioned, I work outside, and I found in the first few weeks that my lips were feeling SO dry. I started off with some Carmex, but it felt a little slick for constant talking. This Nivea Lip Balm has been a big hit in my books. I also have the blue classic version, and a pearly shine one, but this gives me a little colour also, which I like. It’s the Nivea Soft Rose Lip Balm.

ImageI’ve also been loving my Real Techniques Blush Brush this month, as it has about three hundred different uses and cleans so easily. I’ve used it for bronzer, blush, face powder and highlight all in one week! Crazy!
ImageImageBeen loving scented things for summer, and so I whacked out my Pink Grapefruit Neutrogena Moisturiser once I ran out of the unscented version. It smells lovely in the mornings and is sinks in nice and quickly. A big hit on the days where you’re in a rush!
ImageThen I have Stay Don’t Stray, which is a concealer/primer from Benefit. Benefit’s my favourite high-end make-up brand, and I literally love this so much that I might have to splash out on the full size. £23.50 eeep! One of those products that you use and just forget about because it’s not very interesting, but it’s definitely an essential. Especially for me, as I have really discoloured, veiny eyelids.
ImageNext up is a shampoo/conditioner combo. I’ve not really spoken about this on here before, but I suffer from something called psoriasis, which is a stress condition that can cause the areas of skin to flake. It’s hereditary, my Mum has it too, but I she has it nearer her neck and I get it on the top of my head. Not great when you have dark hair! Most shampoos just irritate it more, and when my Mum picked the Head and Shoulders Smooth and Silky range up earlier in the year and passed them to me, I thought that they would do the same thing. They have, in fact, really soothed my scalp, and they keep my hair nice and clean + they smell really lovely. I’ve just picked up the citrus ones, and hopefully they also work. I ❤ citrus scented body and hair products.
ImageSo there are my May Beauty Favourites! I would LOVE to know what you’ve been loving for the month of May, so leave me a comment telling me if you’d like! 🙂



Review: New Revlon Lip Butters

3 Jun

Hello lovelies!

I have a day off of work today, and let me tell you, I need it! 6 days in a row, during half term, at a theme park just about killed me. Today I’ve got a little review of two of the new Revlon Lip Butters, Wild Watermelon and Juicy Papaya!

ImageI picked these up a little while ago, and at first, I was sure that the only one that would interest me would be Juicy Papaya. But when I ran across the whole new collection online, I took the plunge and bought Wild Watermelon as well!
ImageThe formula of the Revlon Lip Butters is kind of a big deal. World-famous, hyped, etc., but in my honest opinion, I think that it varies from shade to shade. I have five now, and they all feel a little different on the lips! These two are good examples of that theory.

Wild Watermelon is very glossy, bright and pigmented. It’s a brilliant example of a sheer bright. It feels moisturising and nourishing, and the colour is so gorgeous! Juicy Papaya is much more matte, I think you can see that in the pictures. It’s very similar to my lips, so is like a ‘my lips but better’ shade. So it’s much more of an ‘everyday’ colour for me. Such a low-maintenance lip. It fades very well too. I’ve found that the Juicy Papaya LB has a slight scent, but nothing too noticeable.



The packaging, like always, is flawless. Beautiful quilting, and stays clean easily. Sometimes I have to give the bullet of the actual product a little wipe to get the product off. The casing doesn’t scratch though.

I love these ALMOST as much as I love the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks, which are a little more sticky (<3) and smell like marshmallows. A solid 4/5 from me!


You can buy Revlon Lip Butters at Superdrug and Boots for £7.99.

For the rest of today, I plan on tidying and packing. I move out in less than two weeks! Cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. Until then, I’ll be working hard. I’m actually banning myself from buying any make-up until August, because I keep ‘popping into town’ and accidentally spending £40. Bought a few more bits today, so look out for a collective haul!

I would love to know your favourite Revlon Lip Butter shade. I love Candy Apple the best I think. My go-to red!