My Life In Pictures: May 2013

31 May


1. My friend Kent riding down the hill on the scooter that was found in my boot. 
2. Beautiful Uni. Not many people see this stuff, as it’s on a hidden hill.
3. Outrageous selfie on the evening of a wonderful birthday meal out celebrating a Uni friend’s 19th.
4. Swatching. Life of a beauty blogger.
5. Oh SO PRETTY! (shame it stained though!)
6. Nandos please? My first trip without my parents or a big group. Was a lovely girls shopping day!
7. Windsor on a beautiful May bank holiday. My parents came to visit and it was so wonderful to see them after 8 weeks alone.
8. Gaming night with my guy-flatmates, Charlie, Stephen and Roo. All the other girls have left/were packing/travelling, and so we played COD. Well, I say we, I controlled the headset.
9. My little sister (on the right) and her best friend Millie. They’ve both grown up so much in the time I’ve been at Uni. Makes me sad that I missed spending the time with them, but it also reminds me that people change!

I post loads of life and beauty photos on my Instagram. My username is christieannturner if you would like to follow me!

I hope you’ve had a marvellous May! I got my first set of wages from my new job, made some awesome new friends, treasured time with family and Uni friends and bought a LOT of make-up. I can’t wait for June. Moving out of my Uni flat, into my place for the summer (don’t even get me started), a weekend at home with family and beautiful friends and hard work! 



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