So…about my hair.

22 May

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been unhappy with how my hair is for literally, as long as I can remember. Not just, ‘oh it’s a bit messy today’ or ‘oh it’s too thin/thick’, but really unhappy. Only over the past couple of months have I learned to just be content with it. However, I’ve come to a bit of a hair-Crossroads. Perhaps Britney circa. Crossroads era can sympathise? (haha get it?)

Is it time to chop it off, or time to let it grow. 

ImageMe at 3 years old. My Mum didn’t dye my hair. It just decided very quickly that it didn’t want to be blonde anymore.


Perhaps a year later, I’m around 4, and wow did my hair get curly fast. Shoutout to my little sister!

ImageMe in the middle (burgundy camouflage, not that wonderful denim flopsy cap that my friend Bethany is wearing). I had my hair this short for a long time, and it always had a little kink in it. Think I must have been 8-ish here.


Year 9, age 13? My hair at its curliest. Bit of hair-volution going on there. I hadn’t discovered product and was definitely more of a tomboy.


Wow! This is a bit of a throwback. My sister and I when I was in Year 10, aged 14. Probably my hair at its shortest point. I have a chubbsy face, so this length reaallly didn’t suit me. However, those were natural curls! 

ImageTerrible quality image, but this was year 12 hair, for the most part. Wavy, longish.

ImageAaaand then I dyed it. Dark. This was for the winter. Everyone loved it because I’m so pale, but it did wash me out a little.

A horrible hair moment/few hair months for me. My hair got SO long. I couldn’t control it, it was damaged at the ends SO badly, and my roots were usually rampant.

ImageYou see how long it was?! And I’m not really really freakishly tall, I promise. I’m 5’10”and that diddy, beautiful one is my bestie Sian who’s 5’3 1/2”. The 1/2 is important.

So…I cut it all off.



Then, of course, over the course of this year, my hair has grown. So quickly, in fact, that it is approaching the length it was the last time I cut it. However, it’s a lot less damaged, I have less issues with my psoriasis (a stress-induced skin condition that can affect the scalp), and…I like it more.

This is one of the most recent photos of me.

ImageIt just looks so much healthier!

What do you guys think? Give it the chop, or keep growing it… or do you reckon I should maintain it at this length? I would love some advice/help on this, so let me know in the comments! 🙂
Christie xoxo


2 Responses to “So…about my hair.”

  1. aliolive May 22, 2013 at 7:05 pm #

    Don’t cut it, your hair is beautiful! I wash mine was that thick!

    Ali x

    • totallychristie May 22, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

      Awh thankyou Ali! It’s a bit too high maintenance sometimes though. I think I might end up letting it grow out a little more and then decide!
      Christie xoxo

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