My Life In Pictures: April 2013

2 May


1. Bowling shoes for a family day out while I was back at home. The last time I went was a week before I left for Uni!
2. One of my favourite pictures ever. Hanging out with two of my best friends, Katie and Jess.
3. Wow! The view after our family night out.
4. New Minnie Mouse cup that was £1 in Tesco!
5. Selfie time! (I had just come back to Uni, and stole my flatmate’s iPhone because she has a front facing camera!)
6. Pizza, please? (with Beth and Jess at home)
7. Oh, my love.
8. Me and my housemate for next year, Kent.
9. Campus was dead. This was a Snapchat. From a lift!
10. Sexy new shoes for work!
11. Carnage! Don’t judge me!
12. Me and a family friend at my sissy’s birthday party.

Hope you all had a wonderful April! I had a great April, I got to go home and visit my family, a break from Uni, a new job and a student loan! Currently procrastinating revising for my exam tomorrow afternoon! Wish me luck!
Christie xoxo


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