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How NOT To Apply Blusher!

31 May

Hello lovelies!

I was definitely a late bloomer, and I actually didn’t start wearing ANY make-up until I was about 15, and not consistently until 16/17. I don’t know about you, but most things came naturally to me. Mascara, lipgloss, foundation. The one thing that stumped me was blush, and where to apply it, and how to apply it, and what to do once it was on your face.

I ended most attempts like this. 

ImageSo. I might have got the hang of it. Three top tips? Okay then.

1. Everyone’s face shape is different.
I started trying to learn to apply blush by watching YouTube videos. I found that I just couldn’t copy the ‘gurus’, as I have a very round face and they just…don’t. Practice and you’ll find what looks good on you. It might take a while!

2. Less is more.
Start with a light blush that’s peachy or rosy, and perhaps that doesn’t have a lot of pigment. Remember, you can’t take away without starting your whole face over! And very often, you need less on your brush than you think. Build up.

3. Don’t smile!
It doesn’t work! I smiled for a LONNNG time when I applied blush, and I get more compliments/a more natural face now that I don’t plop the product on the apples of my cheeks, but blend it upwards.



Saved it!

ImageHope that my three tips helped!
Just to let you know, I used MUA’s Shade 6 Blush, which is £1. They’ve just brought out six NEW shades, so run run run to Superdrug and grab’em!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day/evening! I’m off to test out some new shampoos and hair masks! 🙂



My Life In Pictures: May 2013

31 May


1. My friend Kent riding down the hill on the scooter that was found in my boot. 
2. Beautiful Uni. Not many people see this stuff, as it’s on a hidden hill.
3. Outrageous selfie on the evening of a wonderful birthday meal out celebrating a Uni friend’s 19th.
4. Swatching. Life of a beauty blogger.
5. Oh SO PRETTY! (shame it stained though!)
6. Nandos please? My first trip without my parents or a big group. Was a lovely girls shopping day!
7. Windsor on a beautiful May bank holiday. My parents came to visit and it was so wonderful to see them after 8 weeks alone.
8. Gaming night with my guy-flatmates, Charlie, Stephen and Roo. All the other girls have left/were packing/travelling, and so we played COD. Well, I say we, I controlled the headset.
9. My little sister (on the right) and her best friend Millie. They’ve both grown up so much in the time I’ve been at Uni. Makes me sad that I missed spending the time with them, but it also reminds me that people change!

I post loads of life and beauty photos on my Instagram. My username is christieannturner if you would like to follow me!

I hope you’ve had a marvellous May! I got my first set of wages from my new job, made some awesome new friends, treasured time with family and Uni friends and bought a LOT of make-up. I can’t wait for June. Moving out of my Uni flat, into my place for the summer (don’t even get me started), a weekend at home with family and beautiful friends and hard work! 


Review: Rimmel’s Apocalips Lip Lacquer in ‘Stellar’

27 May


Hello lovelies!

Got a little review for you today. This one’s perhaps a bit different, as I’ve never reviewed a lip product before, so I hope I do okay! A couple of months ago, there was some serious buzz, as there always is, about a brand new lip product from Rimmel. I must have read a good twenty blog reviews before I decided that these guys were going to be incredible, but that they just weren’t for me. I was wrong. 


I originally went into the shop with no purchases planned but we all know how that goes. I saw that the Apocalips had a pound or so off, and went for it. Took the plunge. Ahhh! I picked up ‘Stellar’, a hot pink creme. 
ImageThe packaging is nice, black at the top with sort of, jaggedy edges and the colour fades to transparent so you can see the colour through it. It’s a doe-foot applicator, but it’s a little different in that the applicator manages to store some product inside itself. Weird, but not a bad thing! The lacquer itself is definitely scented. I’ve actually put off writing this blog post for a while because I’ve been trying to figure out what it smells like, no word of a lie! The best I’ve come up with is a mix between old-lady perfume and sugar paper, which I know sounds totally bizarre, but that’s all I can muster.


As for the application, it’s really easy but can get messy because the colour is so bright, as with many pigmented lip colours.
The lasting power is probably the only thing that bugged me. From other reviews, I kind of thought that you’d have to reapply every four hours or so. Nope. After about an hour, it looked like I’d lined my lips with a super bright pink and applied a lighter pink inside. If a product is going to be that bright, then just let it fade, not gather around your lips! Bearing in mind I’m young, and I don’t have fine lines or wrinkles (yet), I wouldn’t recommend this for the older lady. Neither would I recommend it for the ‘low-maintenance-lip’ lady. I do love the colour, but probably best for short events or ones where you can get to a mirror and reapply a lot.

Verdict: 3/5:
I’m relatively impressed with the colour and feel of this product, just the lasting power let it down. Still heart Rimmel though.

You can purchase Rimmel products from Boots, Superdrug, selected Tesco stores (and websites) and ASOS ship to the US for all my American readers who need a good Rimmel fix.

Have you had a good product that just didn’t last?

Today I saw my family for the first time in six weeks and we had lunch in Windsor by the Thames. So nice to see them and spend some quality time with them. I’ve been working really hard lately (and was supposed to be working today, but my manager was so kind and let me have the day off), and it’s been so lush to lay in and just have a nice, relaxing day and catch up. 😀

NOTD: Peachy Keen!

23 May

Hello lovelies! 
Another post! Ooh look at me!
Hopefully you’ve all been having wonderful, beauty-filled days. I’m relatively excited for my post-exams shopping strip with my friend Steph tomorrow, so I’m all hyped. up. If you saw my Lust Haves post, then you’ll know that I’m all hyped up for summer. Estee Lauder counter, here I come!

In the Spring/Summer spirit, I used Nails Inc.’s ‘You’re a Peach’ on my nails to give them that pop of pastel. 2 coats (with a few little touchups), but you could get away with one for a sheer, relaxed nail polish look.

Image(natural light, 2 coats)
Image(direct sunlight)

Hope you’re all having a peach-y day! Get it? 😀


5 Things To Take From First Year

23 May

Hello lovelies,

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I will take my last exam, a French oral, at 11.15, and then my first year of university will be over. This year’s been quite the journey for me. I think anyone that goes through a major life change can vouch for that. It’s been incredible, and scary, and difficult and enlightening. A few things have remained constant, and a few things will be revelations.

1. The love and support of my friends from home is paramount. 
Since arriving at RoHo, my perspective on friendship has been drastically altered. You really do have to find the people who care, because so many just won’t.

2. The desire for me to support myself is key for me to succeed.
This year has only reinforced what I already knew; I want to be able to support myself financially and be independent. Whether that means paying rent at my parents house once I graduate, moving abroad (a definite possibility), or just getting a 9-5 job and living in a little flat, I know that’s what I want to be doing. I think me and my best friend have that in common. Something that our surroundings, our upbringings and being around each other our whole lives has taught us.

3. Not everyone will want to hear your opinions. 
I thought that university would be my kind of, cultural stomping ground. That I would find people who had the same and different opinions and that we would all get along. More often than not, you don’t find people like that. In my experience, there are five types of University students.

a. The drinkers/partiers.
b. The loners.
c. The activities whores.
d. The overachievers.
e. The workers.

Most people are a combination of two or more, and if I’m honest, I’m probably more of a cheerful and sociable b/e combo. If you don’t find those other people who are the same combo as you, you’re pretty much destined to fail. I think I’ve given all five a try at some point, but I just fit best into a schedule. I’m jealous of those who can just throw caution to the wind and do whatever, I tell ya!

4. It’s okay not to be okay!
Although I haven’t been clamouring to go home constantly, I have experienced bouts of homesickness. The worst thing is when you’ve got a project due, an essay due, lectures in the morning that you haven’t prepared for, no money and nobody to give you a big squishy hug! I had one maaaajor meltdown this year, where I actually Skyped my Mum and sister at 6.30am before they headed off for work/school and just cried about all my problems. It’s okay not to be okay for a bit. You will pick yourself up, dust yourself off and be on your way relatively soon!

5. It’s okay to have a change of heart.
I’m not planning on giving up on my degree, but it’s definitely different to what I was anticipating as I made my journey from a quiet Kent village to…a quiet Surrey village last September. If you get to Uni, and you KNOW you don’t want to be there, then it’s okay not to be there. I think I had so much pride, or will or something at the beginning of the year that I didn’t really realise how this just wasn’t for me. It didn’t click. And I’ve tried loads of stuff to keep me going, like joining clubs and really trying hard in class and doing extra research, but there’s not really anything (especially in Drama) that excites me. What’s keeping me going now is that I have an income and I have a year abroad to look forward to. And that’s really good enough for me.

So there are the 5 top things I have learned this school year.
Definitely going to be indulging in some serious retail therapy tomorrow! I’ve not even set a budget! :O And there will be a haul, don’t you worry!

Now,if any of you would like to give me suggestions of what to spend my hard earned cash on, I would LOVE TO KNOW!
Have a wonderful day/evening,and I shall speak to you all soon!
Christie xoxo

ImageI made this on Just in case any of you lovelies have something inspirational you’d like to keep with you too!

So…about my hair.

22 May

Hello lovelies!

I’ve been unhappy with how my hair is for literally, as long as I can remember. Not just, ‘oh it’s a bit messy today’ or ‘oh it’s too thin/thick’, but really unhappy. Only over the past couple of months have I learned to just be content with it. However, I’ve come to a bit of a hair-Crossroads. Perhaps Britney circa. Crossroads era can sympathise? (haha get it?)

Is it time to chop it off, or time to let it grow. 

ImageMe at 3 years old. My Mum didn’t dye my hair. It just decided very quickly that it didn’t want to be blonde anymore.


Perhaps a year later, I’m around 4, and wow did my hair get curly fast. Shoutout to my little sister!

ImageMe in the middle (burgundy camouflage, not that wonderful denim flopsy cap that my friend Bethany is wearing). I had my hair this short for a long time, and it always had a little kink in it. Think I must have been 8-ish here.


Year 9, age 13? My hair at its curliest. Bit of hair-volution going on there. I hadn’t discovered product and was definitely more of a tomboy.


Wow! This is a bit of a throwback. My sister and I when I was in Year 10, aged 14. Probably my hair at its shortest point. I have a chubbsy face, so this length reaallly didn’t suit me. However, those were natural curls! 

ImageTerrible quality image, but this was year 12 hair, for the most part. Wavy, longish.

ImageAaaand then I dyed it. Dark. This was for the winter. Everyone loved it because I’m so pale, but it did wash me out a little.

A horrible hair moment/few hair months for me. My hair got SO long. I couldn’t control it, it was damaged at the ends SO badly, and my roots were usually rampant.

ImageYou see how long it was?! And I’m not really really freakishly tall, I promise. I’m 5’10”and that diddy, beautiful one is my bestie Sian who’s 5’3 1/2”. The 1/2 is important.

So…I cut it all off.



Then, of course, over the course of this year, my hair has grown. So quickly, in fact, that it is approaching the length it was the last time I cut it. However, it’s a lot less damaged, I have less issues with my psoriasis (a stress-induced skin condition that can affect the scalp), and…I like it more.

This is one of the most recent photos of me.

ImageIt just looks so much healthier!

What do you guys think? Give it the chop, or keep growing it… or do you reckon I should maintain it at this length? I would love some advice/help on this, so let me know in the comments! 🙂
Christie xoxo

FOTD: The Bronzed Have More Fun

22 May

Hello lovelies! Another little FOTD, with a couple of before and after pictures for you. I’ll list the products I used down below!

ImageArgh! It’s okay if you screamed. I would too, but I have to put up with it everyday! 😉
The before, zero-make-up me, and after, which is marginally better.

ImageThe difference a bit of mascara makes!

ImageWhere I place my bronzer. It’s a big pet hate of mine that people sometimes wear non-blended bronzer. I understand contouring, but come on?! Soft edges people, soft edges.

Products Used
Nivea Express Hydration Primer
Rimmel True Match Foundation in Ivory mixed with No7’s Beautiful Skin Day Cream
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Fair
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Revlon Photoready Cream Blush in Pinched
Benefit That Gal Highlighter
Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Eye Primer
Rimmel Glam Eyes Palette in Orion
Stila Eye Shadow in Twig
Stila Eye Shadow in Kitten
Bloom Eye Paint in Chocolate (discontinued)
Benefit Bad Gal Lash in Black
Bourjois Mascara Elastic
YSL’s Sheer Candy in Dewy Papaya (02)

Hope you’re all having a wonderful day/evening!
Christie xoxo

Lust Haves – Summer 2013

21 May
Lust Haves- Summer 2013
Hello lovelies!

I’m planning on a little shopping trip relatively soon, and have been lusting over a few items for a while. Summer’s on its way (I refuse to believe that it isn’t, UK!) and so everyon’es prepping themselves and their skin for long, hazy days in the sun and warm evenings with nothing on the agenda but relaxing!

1. YSL’s Touche Eclat Foundation
If you’ve read my blog before, you might have seen that I posted about the YSL’s counterpart foundation to their best-selling product of all time, the Touche Eclat concealer/eye-brightener. I’m actually still going through my diddy sample, which makes me very optimistic for the full size of the foundation! The Touche Eclat Foundation comes in 16 shades and is priced at £29 on the Boots website.

2. MAC’s 217 Blending Brush
As a beauty blogger and a cosmetics addict, I haven’t avoided the hype about this brush. Everyone and their mothers seem to own them, but I think I resent paying that much for one brush. I am usually perfectly content with my Real Techniques brushes, but having recently purchased their eye set, there isn’t really a brush that can give me what I want in terms of blending. I have a great No.7 brush that I bought about a year ago for £2.50 with a famous £5 off voucher in Boots, but I use it too much and want to see whether it is comparable to the famous 217. The 217 blending brush is priced at £17 in MAC stores and on their website.

3.  Clinique’s Chubby Sticks
I just want all of them! I’m in love with my Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Sticks (mentioned here), and again want to see what the hype is about. I think a sheer, easy sweep of colour that’s moisturising is great for summer and is also really low-maintenance. No fuss! You can buy Clinique’s Chubby Sticks for £16 at Clinique counters, their website or the Boots website.

4. Soap and Glory’s Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion
Oh, Soap and Glory. You come up with the BEST names for your products. A bit cheeky, and the products are always incredible. I have not taken a trip into the wonderful facial skincare selection from S&G yet, but I have some make-up items, and would recommend them all. I figured that this lotion would be a good place to start, as it gives an all over glow to the face and is also beneficial for the skin. You can buy Glow Job for £9 on the Boots website or in Boots stores.

5. Estee Lauder’s DoubleWear Light Foundation
Light coverage? Check. Long-wearing? Check. Good skin tone match? Check.
I’ve heard so many good things about the original DoubleWear Foundation, but I’ve also heard that it’s heavy coverage. I’m just not a fan of that kind of foundation, even though I’m sure it’s perfect for some. I mix most of my foundations with moisturisers anyway, so it would be a waste to buy a foundation I wouldn’t like. The Light version seems to tick all the boxes for me. However, I really can’t justify buying TWO high-end foundations that are essentially very similar when I just bought the Nearly Naked from Revlon and the True Match from Rimmel. I’ve got tons to be getting on with! I think it will have to be a spur of the moment decision once I’m in the shop! You can buy Estee Lauder’s DoubleWear Light Foundation for £27.50 from Estee Lauder counters or on the Boots website.

What’s on your Lust-Haves list? And what do you think will make it onto your ‘Must-Haves list’? Any recommendations for me? I would love to know some of your favourite make-up products or techniques for the warmer months!

Christie xoxo

The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag!

15 May

Hello lovelies!

Just saw this tag done by the wonderful Beautiful Kayekie, and thought I’d give it a go, considering I should be revising for my exam that is in less than 12 hours! HAHAHAHA (kill me now)

1. Name a beauty regime that you rarely do?
Toner. I never do it! Another step after make-up removers, cleansers and moisturisers? No thank you! Or shaving my legs in winter – but I call that hibernation instead. It’s just so much effort, right ladies?

2. Is washing your make-up brushes something that you do regularly?
Hmm. I don’t wash them as often as I should, but that’s because I don’t HAVE the time, not because I forget! I’d say once a week or so, but I usually do my foundation brush twice as often and if it’s too gross, I use my fingers. I know! I’m so lazy, but they take soooo long to dry…

3. How long will you last with chipped nail polish?
I usually am not a culprit of this, because I get so bored of the colour or I decide I don’t like it, and so I just take it off. That said, I did wear chipped nail varnish to a flatmate’s birthday celebration about a month ago (no time to repaint!) and the pictures ended up on Facebook. Needless to say, I was ashamed of myself.

4. How long will you put off buying/replacing a beauty product, even if you need it?
I always have back-ups of body and hair products, and I never run out of lip products. If it’s eye shadow, I try to find a dupe in my collection, and I always have another foundation to use up. I have to repurchase my make-up removers IMMEDIATELY though. I once went two weeks without my Clean and Clear Sensitive Face Cleanser….realised that my skin was in fact, incredibly sensitive, and it got a whole lot worse. I don’t have products that I repurchase all the time that are expensive though, so I think that helps.

5. What is your worst beauty habit?
Rubbing my eyes when I have mascara on! I am TERRIBLE! I don’t chew on my lips, I’m usually good with leaving spots alone, but if my eye itches….BAM I’M THERE. Subsequently I am left with huge panda-eyes, and usually no-one bothers to tell me either. I’ve been trying to be better,’s not going well!

6. Name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Cleaning. Homework. Revision. ANYTHING PRODUCTIVE? No, but seriously. I am the best procrastinator ever! No.1 for me! (boohoo, I’m going to fail my exam!)

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?
Nonononono! I like to have a good 2 hours to change, do my face, pack my bag, and take a leisurely stroll to my car. That said, it really does depend on where you’re going! I often offer to do my friends’ make-up when we go out…and the other day, we were due to go out at 7.30 and I had three friends waiting at 5.30. I had to survive on unbrushed hair and smudgy make-up. Trick if you’re going out…always do YOURSELF first! 🙂

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
As a student, you get used to spending bans…and I only worked for four hours on a Sunday when I was at school. However, when I have the money, I will usually spend it and not save it. Not very thoughtful, I know…

9. How organised is your make-up and nail polish collections?
I just organised everything! I usually do that kind of stuff pretty regularly, because I like seeing how my collection has changed and grown, and it’s more fun than other types of cleaning. Everything has its own box, compartment and storage space. 😀

So that’s it, there’s the tag! If you would like to do this, go right ahead! It’s fabulous procrastination!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening or day, wherever you are in the world…
Christie xoxo

Summer Make-Up and Beauty Products Haul! Revlon, The Body Shop, Rimmel, Benefit and Elie Saab

14 May
Hello lovelies!

I got my student loan through a couple of weeks ago, and decided to treat myself to a couple of products I’d been lusting over.

The first thing I did was buy a perfume. I’ve been wanting Elie Saab’s Eau de Parfum for a long time now, about 5 or 6 months. It’s just so damn expensive, and I’ve never really been a perfume girl. Having just got a new job where I’d be working long hours, I wanted a scent to stay with me for the day. This totally does. I got the travel set, so it’s 3 x 20ml bottles that can be placed inside a gold metal travalo-esque spray bottle. I actually got this because you got more product for your money compared to the regular bottle, and I’m always on the go, so a travel set suits me better. I also got a free Elie Saab perfume bag and body lotion with purchase! YAY! I do love a freebie.


Because I bought that off of the Boots website, I got some points, which bumped my points total up to a mental 1900, worth £19. I took advantage of the 3 for 2 Revlon offer, and bought 2 of the new lip butters, Juicy Papaya and Wild Watermelon, and a cream blush in Coral Reef. I got all of this with my Boots points, and a free sample of a Seventeen foundation too. Result!


Next up, I placed an order at The Body Shop. I can’t even remember when I last bought something from The Body Shop, I always just steal the stuff I like from my Mum! Haha! We’ve all done it! I picked up a Choccie Body Butter (I already own the Mango and the Strawberry and I lurrrvvvee them), a Lemon Lip Butter (smells like Lemon Drizzle cake), a Pomegranate Lip Balm which gives a bit of colour, and a lip balm trio of the Born Lippy brand. I love those Born Lippys, and doesn’t it seem like they’ve been around forever? I also picked up a face scrub, but I think I’ll be doing a more in depth review of that soooon 🙂


 (Just a quick sidenote, I gave a lip balm to my lovely friend Kent, but there were three, and don’t you just love the little novelty tins things come in? I’ve put all my little Benefit samples in this one!)

Next up I bought a couple of magazines, Elle and Instyle. Elle came with a free deluxe sample of Benefit’s ‘They’re Real’ Mascara, which I own the full size of, but they claimed that the mini was worth £9.50! :O And Instyle came with a gorgeous Nails Inc. nail polish, and I got the shade ‘You’re a Peach’, which I looove. Perfect for spring/summer!

Last but certainly not least, I picked up a few things from Rimmel whilst food shopping (bizarre or opportunistic?) the other day at Tesco. It was 3 for 2, the Apocalips were on sale and it had been a long day. I bagged the Apocalips Lip Lacquer in ‘Stellar’, the Powder Blush in ‘Bronze’ and the Match Perfection Foundation in ‘Ivory’. I would usually have gone for the lightest shade, but Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation is a perfect match for me in Ivory. Actually, when I compared them at home, the Match Perfection seemed a little lighter!
ImageImageImageOkay, so there’s my haul! I tried reaaallly hard with the photos in this post, so if you liked them (and didn’t think there were too many), then I would love it if you ‘liked’ this post!

Today and tomorrow are my first days off from work in a while. I got a little touch of tonsillitis a couple of days ago, and drugged myself up silly with strepsils and flu tablets and antibiotics and I think I might be on the road to recovery! I have an exam tomorrow as well, so I might need to do a bit of revision…..but Game of Thrones Season 3 is calling my name…!

Hope you are all having a beautiful day or night,
Christie xoxo

P.S. If you need to blame anyone for any of these purchases, blame Estée and her darn YouTube videos! Every time she says crackalackin’ I have to buy something. It’s a rule I made up. 😉 Check out her videos for a unique and HONEST view of beauty products, and also, she’s beautiful!