My hometown…

14 Apr


Yes! I’m indulging in photos from last year when the weather was nice in order to compensate for whatever crap’s going on now!

To all you lovelies who don’t live in the UK or aren’t familiar with the weather here, it’s April and a week ago it was snowing. I am totally 100% a winter girl, but snow in April just seems wrong to me. I love living with a beach closeby (I live on an island, so pretty much any direction leads to a beach) but it sure does bring the wind with it in bad weather times!

I can’t wait for when I can stash my winter coat away for good and bring out the dresses!

I hope the weather where you are it a little better! If it is, I’d love to know where in the world you are so I can book a holiday, sharpish! 🙂

Hope you are all having smashing days,
Christie xoxo


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