TotallyChristie TotallyRecommends: TV Shows

15 Mar
The cast as of Season 7.

This is (obviously) not a photo I took or that I own. All copyright goes to ABC/Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂

Hello lovelies!

Today I’ll be making another little TotallyRecommends post, but this time, it’s about a TV show!

I’m a huge TV addict. You name it, I’ve heard of it aaaaaaand probably watched an episode. You could say I have too much time on my hands.The problem is is that my favourite programmes change all the time, and sometimes shows don’t do as well as I hope they will, or they get cancelled by their networks. In addition, there are some shows that just come to a natural finish. The problem with shows like those are that I ALWAYS WANT MORE. 

After that long winded intro, the TV Show I am going to recommend is……..

I love this show for several reasons.

1. There are nine seasons. So far. Nine. That makes for great character development, intricate storylines, lots of episodes to rewatch and an established presence in the online media.
2. The characters are flawed, but incredibly likeable. There have only been a few characters in those nine seasons that I have disliked for their entire time on the show. There are currently 2 characters I dislike, but have you seen that cast?! It’s a huge ensemble. 2 out of that many ain’t bad.
3. Continuity! Something that a lot of shows seem to disregard nowadays is continuity. Grey’s knows its history. 
4. Long episodes that are both dramatic and comedic. Usually comedy comes in 22 minute bursts from networks. Just think of New Girl, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family. Drama is usually so long that I get bored of the storyline of the week halfway through. With Grey’s Anatomy, you get both. (Well, in the earlier seasons anyway.)
5. Final reason (that I can think of) is that it makes me really, really emotional. And that’s what I want in TV. Something that will make me laugh, cry, shout, scream, smile.

And the best bit is that it’s. still. going. 

Disclaimer: Start watching this show at your own peril. It’s totes emosh. You will need tissues.
Oh, and hot guys galore by the way. You’re welcome. 😉

Hope you enjoyed that little recommendation! Let me know if there’s a show that you’d totally recommend, or if you watch Grey’s Anatomy/watch an episode after reading this post!
Hope you all have a wonderful day/night!
Christie xoxo


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