Hello? Anyone there?

21 Oct

Oh my goodness! Has it really been that long? I’m so sorry- things have been manic around here lately….

A few things have changes and occurred in my life in the few months I’ve been away.
1. My 18th birthday happened! I had an amazing day and will post a few pictures in an upcoming blog post. 🙂
2. I bought an ACTUAL CAMERA. I call this progress! I bought a digital camera to help with blogging. 🙂 Hopefully I can be more organised now. 
3. I moved to uni! I’m now a student at one of the many colleges that belong to the University of London. And it’s exciting! I’ve been here a month now and everyday’s a new adventure/struggle/discovery/wave of missing people but I’m loving it. 
4. I’m on a make-up ban. Yes. I know. You’re all saying that I’ll never be able to do it… even I’m saying that but I’m gonna try to go until Boxing Day before I pend any money at all. Phew. Wish me luck!
5. I have SO many pots and pictures lined up for you. I can’t believe it’s been this long.

And to anybody that actually reads this little blog now and again (that’ you Katie!) I’m gonna try and be frequent about my posting. It will keep me sane will the huge amounts of work I have piling up already.

So…let’s get cracking. 
Don’t forget to smile,
Christie xoxo 🙂


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