Separated at Birth: Coral Products

22 Aug

Fest of All kit, including a nail polish in ‘Tropical Island’, eyeliner in black, and Instant Glow Body Bronzer in Medium Matte.

Oh my goodness!
I’ve had this post planned for SO long. I had a meltdown with the photos on my phone, but in truth, I just haven’t found the time to post lately! If there’s still someone reading this, then you’re angels and very patient!

About a month and a half ago, I was browsing in Boots (my Boots is very small, so it didn’t take long) and there were loads of deals on make-up. Free gifts are my weakness, and they only inspire more make-up purchases for me (like that needs to happen!) so I couldn’t pass up 17’s ‘Fest of All’ free kit. Unfortunately, the offer’s now ended, but I thought I’d show you the products quickly.

The eyeliner’s just a standard black liner, relatively pigmented but nothing special.
The Instant Glow Body Bronzer in Medium Matte baffled me at first, as I’m not a bronzer kind of girl, but I vowed to use it for something. As summer progressed, I had no idea what to use it for. then my foundation started getting too light for me. Add this to the mix (carefully) and you’ve got a perfect customized foundation for summer with no extra cost. The best way I can describe it is as a gel, but it dries very quickly and smells nice, and doesn’t come with the biscuity scent that a lot of fake tans and gradual tanners have attached.

Now to the point of the post! The nail varnish! The colour of this nail varnish is ‘Tropical Island’ and it’s a beautiful orangey-coral with small gold shimmer. The gold shimmer isn’t glitter, it’s very subtle and just catches the light every now and then.

I really love the consistency of this polish, it dries with a gorgeous sheen and takes two coats to become opaque. The staying power is excellent,it’s been on my toes for a week now and has only chipped on one nail! The consistency is easy to work with, despite the brush being a little small.
I’d give this polish a solid 3.5/5.

However, when I first saw it, something triggered in my mind. I thought, ‘my my, I’m sure I’ve got a colour like that somewhere’, and I searched my nail-polish collection (which now has over 50 polishes :S) but to no avail… and then I remembered! I had a lip gloss that exact colour!
The lip gloss is a NYX Girls Gloss in the colour Apricot. These two products are so similar in colour it’s extraordinary. I took a few pictures (which are hopefully okay) to show you what I mean. NYX Girls Glosses (although aimed at a younger generation) have great pigmentation and are smooth and last a while 🙂 I picked up mine from a make-up seller, but the UK NYX website sells them at the reasonable price of £3.

17 Nail Polish in ‘Tropical Island’ and NYX Girls Gloss in ‘Apricot’

Product Close-Ups

17 Nail Polish in ‘Tropical Island’ and NYX Girls Gloss in ‘Apricot’

(I used the app ‘PicStitch to amalgamate the pictures, and used a coral background!)

Considering the lip gloss has now become pretty much my favourite summer lip colour, I’d definitely recommend checking the other colours out!
If you like this idea of separated at birth posts, then let me know because I’m quite sure I have loads of colour doubles 🙂
I actually would never have ‘shopped my stash’ (as the lip gloss was pretty much forgotten and lost in my collection) if it wasn’t for Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter. She’s definitely my favourite beauty blogger and she does Youtube videos too. Check out her blog and channel 🙂

Have any of you found products that look like they’re identical colours before? 🙂

Don’t forget to smile,
Christie xoxo 🙂


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