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23 Aug

Hello everyone!
I wanted to show you a few bits and bobs that I’d picked up over the past couple of weeks. I’ve had enough time to try them out now, so each shall have a little mini-review too! 🙂

Everything in this haul barring the bag can be found at Boots, Superdrug, Primark (instore only) and Amazon.

Accessorize Pansy Print Crossbody Bag- £6.60 in the Accessorize Sale

I saw this print in Louise’s (Sprinkle of Glitter) recent haul, and fell in love with it. She had a little clutch bag, and I looked for it but the Accessorize website is not the easiest to navigate, especially when you click on something and it immediately comes up with ‘out of stock’. Internet shopper’s worst nightmare. I love the size of this bag, the print is fantastic and it was a snip in the sale marked down from £22 to £6.60. There’s something so desirable about anything Accessorize to me, that I jump on the sale bandwagon when it rolls around. Having said all that though, after three weeks of using it, the lining has started to bobble a little bit. I might expect that from a £6.60 bag, but this was £22 originally. I have a Peacocks bag that has served me well for over 2 years and has not bobbled at all. Maybe Accessorize should take a look at that.

NYC Showtime Waterproof Mascara- available from Superdrug

I bought this because I have really watery eyes in the spring/summer and I need a reliable waterproof mascara. I’m impressed with what this does for the price (which I think is £1.99) and it coats my bottom lashes perfectly but it genuinely does nothing to my upper lashes. I feel so bad, because I love NYC products (especially their nail polishes) but I can’t get on board with this. I will definitely keep using it on my bottom lashes though, as it doesn’t irritate them (I’m looking at you Stila Forever Your Curl) and gives a nice smoky black colour.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Make Up Remover Wipes- available at Superdrug

Oh dear. I bought these make-up wipes on a whim, hoping their price would make them live up to expectations (they are originally over £3, but I snapped them up when they were half price) and I just HATE THEM. These wipes are the first product I’ve ever tried from Neutrogena, and if it wasn’t for the next product (spoiler alert), I would never go back. The moisture on them is unevenly balances, they pull at my skin, the liquid stings my face when I use them (yes, stings) and if you get ANYWHERE near your eyes they burn for ages. Not my finest hour in Superdrug, but I suppose they’re one product I’ve eliminated from buying again.

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser- available at Superdrug

Big fan of this moisturiser. It, again was half price in Superdrug and if you spent £5 or more on selected skincare you got 100 points on your Beautycard, which equals to a pound. Superdrug points are kind of more difficult to come by than Boots points, so I’d definitely look out for offers like this while in store. If you don’t have a Beautycard yet, then you’re definitely missing out! I spend pretty much all of my money in Superdrug (my friends and I joke that it’s my second home!) so it’s definitely worth it in my book. This moisturiser is light on my skin, fresh smelling, and most importantly for me in the summer, easy to blend with my foundation. I don’t mind wearing just foundation in the spring or winter, but in the summer and early-autumn, I make a point of mixing my foundation with a moisturiser and blending it into my skin. It saves money because you’re moisturising and getting coverage at the same time, and it’s lighter on your skin.

Natural Collection Concealer in Fair- available at Boots

A cult favourite, I picked up the Natural Collection concealer recently and I have to say I’m underwhelmed…so far. Maybe this is down to the fact that my skin hasn’t been in bad condition lately so I haven’t had any blemishes to conceal, but I actually bought this to try and help out with dark circles around my eyes and discolouration on my eyelids. You swipe it on, and for me,it just does nothing. I don’t even find it buildable, it’s very very sheer and…bubbly. Which is weird. I find that with a lot of products that have hype surrounding them that you can find you talk yourself into loving them. But often there’s a catch. I probably won’t buy this concealer again, as I’m struggling to use it… but I shall persevere. 😦 Sorry concealer, I feel bad dissing you.

Primark pastel sandals- £10

I’m in love with these sandals. I usually wouldn’t spend £10 on Primark shoes, but these were too cute to pass up. The pictures a little blurry, but they basically have three sets of crossover straps, one in a light minty green/blue, one lilac and one pastel baby pink. They’re really comfy and the pastel is going to be in for loads of years to come. I’ve worn them three or four times to far and there’s been no rubbing or blisters, and my feet don’t hurt. I did go a size up as there wasn’t my size (7), but I try shoes on before I buy them and they fit nicely. A nice surprise for Primark! Bravo 🙂

Owl Canvas Bag- £1.50 – other designs available

I’m a sucker for owls (have you seen the Sevenly tees this week?!) and this bag twit-twoo’d me at the tills, £1.50, sturdy, bargain. 🙂

Primark darkwash blue jeans- £7

I love Primark jeans. Despite having to ALWAYS go a size up which is very disheartening, when I do, they fit like a dream. My body shape is a bit odd, I have a small waist, BIG hips and tummy, and slim legs, and they fit me nicely. I often struggle to find jeans that are long enough, but Primark do a Regular and a Long leg length, also I buy the long and they’re perfect (I’m 5 foot eleven). The legs fit mine like gloves, and the pockets are nice too. The price is the cherry on top of the cake, these babies are £7. I’d happily pay up to £30 for them, but Primark can keep them at that price for as long as they want!

Amazon Kindle Generation 4- Available to buy online at from £89

My last item is something that was actually given to me as an early birthday/university present. My birthday is August 31st, and I went on holiday on the 11th, so my Mum gave me this a little early so I could use it on holiday. It’s a Kindle! 🙂 I’m a big reader, so initially an ebook system didn’t appeal to me, but I soon realised how handy this little guy would be. No carrying of hundreds of books to lectures and back! I ended up getting 6 or seven books to plough through for my holiday, but had to get more when I finished them. I’m very grateful, and I cant wait for my 18th birthday to roll around now so I can go out and have an amazing night with my friends! 🙂

Okay! That ended up being a longer post than I anticipated!
I hope you’re all having wonderful days, another post should be up soon!

Don’t forget to smile,

Christie xoxo 🙂



22 Aug

I mentioned a little while that I was thinking about cutting my hair and I finally did it! My hair was getting really unhealthy due to its length, and I would get hot and as summer is upon us, I decided to take the plunge and get my hair chopped off.

The hairdressers.

Oh dear! 🙂

This was just a few weeks ago at prom- three of my best friends and then me on the right. 🙂

After my haircut! I got about 5 inches off! Eeeek!

Don’t forget to smile!
Christie xoxo





22 Aug

A quick post to let you know that I got into my first choice university and will be receiving a University of London degree (hopefully in four years time) with combined French and Drama honours. I leave in one month! :O I’m sure that my blogging activities will continue, I might even be a little more reliable. This is such an exciting milestone in my life, I got my A-Level results on the 16th of August, and my acceptance came through just this Monday. I’m reallllyyyy excited, I’ll be living in halls (with a double bed for the first time! :D) and about an hour and a half away from home. I’m really not worried about the distance, but I’m going to miss my friends so much!
Did any of you get results in August? If you did, I hope everything went well for you 🙂
Don’t forget to smile,
Christie xoxo 🙂

Music Favourites: Summer Soundtrack

22 Aug

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share a few music favourites, because they’ve been adding up and I love hearing about great songs from other blogs! I have narrowed it down though, so 5 songs/artists/albums it is! I’ve linked iTunes (US and UK) and Amazon UK for the first favourite, but it’s easy to navigate to each artist from there. 🙂

1. Maroon 5’s new album ‘Overexposed’
This album’s been on repeat since July! The newest release from Maroon 5, it includes Payphone which is such a catchy song, and is generally very poppy, with smooth falsetto vocals from Adam Levine. Some of my favourites are Beautiful Goodbye, One More Night, and  Doin’ Dirt.
You can buy Overexposed on iTunes (US) and iTunes (UK) as well as Amazon (UK).

2. Oh Land
Oh Land is a singer from Denmark that I first saw as a support act on Katy Perry’s California Dreams Tour in November, and she got a bit of a negative reception from the crowd. The show had started later than planned, people were impatient and she definitely doesn’t have the ‘Katy Perry’ sound, but I thought she was really good. I then heard her song ‘White Nights‘ on Girls, an HBO TV show, and her music has been featured on ‘Teen Wolf’, the MTV sci-fi show too. My favourite songs from Oh Land are Helicopter, Son of A Gun, and Wolf & I. She’s a bit electro-pop, with a folksy feel. That sounds so weird, but she’s excellent, just maybe not everyone’s cup of tea. The fact that her music’s been on an eclectic comedy and a popular cult MTV show about wolves says that it’s pretty diverse though, right? I actually really like the Jacob Plant Remix of Sun of A Gun, which I haven’t been able to find for download, but it is here on youtube. It’s Dubstep, be warned. 🙂
You can buy Oh Land’s music on iTunes in the US and UK.

3. Ed Sheeran’s album ‘+’
A favourite of mine since ‘A-Team’, Ed Sheeran’s dulcet tones are always so amazing to me. I love The City, and my friend May swears that Small Bump is her favourite song of all time. 😀
You can buy Ed’s music on iTunes US and UK and Amazon.

4. Taylor Swift’s new single ‘We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together’
A huge Swifty fan, I learnt the words to this within an hour, and it was on my iPhone and iPod within 10 minutes of release in the UK.
SO CATCHY. I’ve recently been loving ‘Both Of Us‘ too, a collaboration between B.o.B and Taylor, but my top Taylor tune is definitely TANEEGBT. Woah. Mouthful. 😀
You can buy Taylor’s new song on both iTunes US and UK, and on the Google play store.

5. The Click Five’s song ‘Just The Girl’
Blast from the past….apparently. Just discovered this song from Cimorelli (an amazing a capella group made up of 6 sisters from Sacramento, the harmonies are stunning, check out their youtube here), who did a bit of improv harmonising at the end of one of their videos. I then  went and checked out the song, and it’s SO GOOD.  Typical cheesy pop, but definitely pop you won’t mind singing along to at the top of your voice. Just The Girl is my favourite and is definitely no exception to the top of your voice rule!
You can buy my favourite The Click Five song from iTunes US and UK. 🙂

After all those links I’m a little relieved now! 😀
Any songs that have been the soundtrack to your summer?

Don’t forget to smile,

Christie xoxo 🙂

Separated at Birth: Coral Products

22 Aug

Fest of All kit, including a nail polish in ‘Tropical Island’, eyeliner in black, and Instant Glow Body Bronzer in Medium Matte.

Oh my goodness!
I’ve had this post planned for SO long. I had a meltdown with the photos on my phone, but in truth, I just haven’t found the time to post lately! If there’s still someone reading this, then you’re angels and very patient!

About a month and a half ago, I was browsing in Boots (my Boots is very small, so it didn’t take long) and there were loads of deals on make-up. Free gifts are my weakness, and they only inspire more make-up purchases for me (like that needs to happen!) so I couldn’t pass up 17’s ‘Fest of All’ free kit. Unfortunately, the offer’s now ended, but I thought I’d show you the products quickly.

The eyeliner’s just a standard black liner, relatively pigmented but nothing special.
The Instant Glow Body Bronzer in Medium Matte baffled me at first, as I’m not a bronzer kind of girl, but I vowed to use it for something. As summer progressed, I had no idea what to use it for. then my foundation started getting too light for me. Add this to the mix (carefully) and you’ve got a perfect customized foundation for summer with no extra cost. The best way I can describe it is as a gel, but it dries very quickly and smells nice, and doesn’t come with the biscuity scent that a lot of fake tans and gradual tanners have attached.

Now to the point of the post! The nail varnish! The colour of this nail varnish is ‘Tropical Island’ and it’s a beautiful orangey-coral with small gold shimmer. The gold shimmer isn’t glitter, it’s very subtle and just catches the light every now and then.

I really love the consistency of this polish, it dries with a gorgeous sheen and takes two coats to become opaque. The staying power is excellent,it’s been on my toes for a week now and has only chipped on one nail! The consistency is easy to work with, despite the brush being a little small.
I’d give this polish a solid 3.5/5.

However, when I first saw it, something triggered in my mind. I thought, ‘my my, I’m sure I’ve got a colour like that somewhere’, and I searched my nail-polish collection (which now has over 50 polishes :S) but to no avail… and then I remembered! I had a lip gloss that exact colour!
The lip gloss is a NYX Girls Gloss in the colour Apricot. These two products are so similar in colour it’s extraordinary. I took a few pictures (which are hopefully okay) to show you what I mean. NYX Girls Glosses (although aimed at a younger generation) have great pigmentation and are smooth and last a while 🙂 I picked up mine from a make-up seller, but the UK NYX website sells them at the reasonable price of £3.

17 Nail Polish in ‘Tropical Island’ and NYX Girls Gloss in ‘Apricot’

Product Close-Ups

17 Nail Polish in ‘Tropical Island’ and NYX Girls Gloss in ‘Apricot’

(I used the app ‘PicStitch to amalgamate the pictures, and used a coral background!)

Considering the lip gloss has now become pretty much my favourite summer lip colour, I’d definitely recommend checking the other colours out!
If you like this idea of separated at birth posts, then let me know because I’m quite sure I have loads of colour doubles 🙂
I actually would never have ‘shopped my stash’ (as the lip gloss was pretty much forgotten and lost in my collection) if it wasn’t for Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter. She’s definitely my favourite beauty blogger and she does Youtube videos too. Check out her blog and channel 🙂

Have any of you found products that look like they’re identical colours before? 🙂

Don’t forget to smile,
Christie xoxo 🙂