Review: Eye Spy a step out of my comfort zone!

14 Jun


A few weeks ago I bought two eyeliners from the MUA at Superdrug line, where every standard product on sale is £1. The ULTIMATE budget make-up line, wouldn’t you agree? When I got to the stand, I bought two completely different liners for me, and probably for lots of you too, as I know I always ended to stick with blacks and browns before, but no longer will I sit in my makeup rut. I bought a matt white colour and a shimmery green.

Forest Green-3.5/5
I bought this colour on a whim, and whilst driving home I wondered what possible look I could incorporate it into. In the end, I paired it with a champagne colour and let it do the talking on my waterline and upper lash line. It’s really lovely, pretty creamy, easy to use, good colour payoff. And I got a few compliments on how it looked with my blue eyes. 🙂 One problem is if you want long lasting colour on your waterline, that’s not what this eyeliner is going to give you. It did stay for a good six hours or so on my upper lash line (with a primer) before it smudged a bit. At £1, it’s hard to pass up, and it comes with a little sharpener for those on-the-go-unsharpened-eyeliner-crisis-moments(I’ve never had one of those either, but the possibility is now eliminated 😉 ).
Snow White- 3/5
Although this colour is also nice, I bought it in order to widen and brighten my eyes on my waterline, as it’s not a colour that you would often (or ever) use on your upper lash line, but it’s creamy and you get good colour payoff. It’s great for brightening inner corners, but as for sticking to your waterline, forget it. That’s where the budget buys stop giving you results. However, a reasonably more impressive white eyeliner is Barry M’s Eyeliner Stick in White, which does actually stay for a good few hours!

Are there any eyeliners that you’d like to try that are a little out of your comfort zone?
Don’t forget to smile. 🙂
Christie xoxo


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