How about a miniature haul for you?

18 Apr

So I have always been sceptical about Avon products. From a young age, my mum ordered from there, and as a result, they gained a kind of ‘old person’ stigma in my mind. Not that I am disrespecting my mother,mind you, but still, you get the picture. 
Recently, the catalogues started being delivered to my house, and as a newly discovered make-up junkie (I have a problem!), I ventured into the books of promise. The deals to be discovered there are AMAZING.


So, this month I thought I’d show you what I bought. It’s only 3 things, but they’re all so different that I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share!

First up, the ColorTrend Kajal Stick in the colour Moss Green. 

I’m definitely excited to try this, it’s a pencil eyeliner in a dark khaki green. In comparison to my typical browns and blacks, this colour is great. I originally wanted a green eyeliner because a lot of people had said that the colour suits my eye colour and skin tone, but one plus about this product? The price. At only 99p, it’s a snip. Annnnd just to add to the appeal, the packaging is ADORABLE, with little Eiffel Towers and hearts dotted all over the eyeliner. Suckers for packaging, put your hands up!

First Impressions: I love the difference between the black (see picture above, the khaki is the bottom colour), and it has good pigmentation for such a cheap eyeliner. However, seeing as it is brand new, the point of the pencil is a little coarse. I definitely won’t be swiping this along my waterline with a firm hand yet, easy does it! 

Next was the Nailwear Pro Nail Vanish in the shade Loving Lavender. 

As you can probably tell from my previous Nails of the Year Post, I’m not a big varnish fiend. However, I’ve been looking to get my hands on a lilac polish for ages, and as I know pastels are always in for spring, now would be the perfect time to buy one, right? Right?! Priced very reasonably at £3, Avon are discontinuing this one this month, so grab it while you can!

First Impressions: I actually wore this to school the other day, and despite my dodgy application, I got a LOT of compliments. About 9 or 10 people commented on how much they liked the colour, and the next day, I actually saw one of my friends with an eerily similar colour on her nails! Can you say trendsetter? #justkidding The actual application of this nail varnish is pipsqueak, if you’re not an absolute mess when it comes to putting on polish like me. It has a slightly flattened brush that grabs a lot of polish, but the polish tends to run rather thin, so I’d recommend a few coats to make your nails opaque. Also, one of the things that struck me straight away is how much you get for your money,a whole 12mls worth, which is only 3mls less than the much pricier and extremely desirable OPI polishes.

And finally, the ColorTrend Blush in ‘Cheeky’. (This was originally named ‘rose’, but Avon changed it.)


Confession time- I only own MUA blushes. Until now, because I have this little circular beauty to keep my little rectangle MUA blushes on their toes. This blush is a true coral with shimmer, not a mauveypinkyorangey blush with yellow undertones and large horizontal granulated irridescent glitter. It’s just coral really. Compared to my bubblegum pink and plum blushes from MUA, it’s a whole new kind of experience. Obviously, coral’s the massive trend for spring/summer 2012, so that’s a bonus, but I actually just bought it for the colour, cause I think it’s lush (and also it was only £2 so I couldn’t resist). 

First Impressions: Oh. My. God. The pigmentation of this blush is crazy. I applied it with an angled blush brush to the apples of my cheeks and drew the colour up to my temples slightly, much the same as I would any other blush, and my face ended up looking like a coral-bomb hit it. Caution: apply with a VERY light hand. After I got over my flushed phase, I applied it again, making sure to leave one cheek bare so I could see the difference. It’s not that I don’t like the blush, I LOVE the colour, and at £2, it will last forever and be the prefect summer shade, but it’s that the shimmer is a little overwhelming for everyday wear.

So, I hope you liked this little mini-haul! Do any of you buy from Avon? What things would you recommend? 
Don’t forget to smile 🙂
Christie xoxo 


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