Do good: Sevenly

25 Feb

For around four months, I have been aware of an amazing non-profit company called ‘Sevenly’ that sells t-shirts for charities all around the world on their website

Each t-shirt is $22. Even though I live in the UK, the postage and the t-shirt only ended up at roughly £22, which I think is amazing. They now sell hoodies too!

Every t-shirt they sell is only available for seven days. Seven days to meet a target. Seven days to change lives with one specific charity. And then the company helps another charity. The designs are changed every single week, and are always beautiful. 

Personally, I adore this idea. It may not be everyone’s style, but I think that the designs are always unique and represent something more than just fashion. I ordered my t-shirt around four weeks ago, but I’ve loved every design since too! Here’s a quick picture of me in my t-shirt! 

Image(Look! No make-up or hair product!)

If you get a chance then visit their site, even if you don’t buy a t-shirt, you are still educating yourself. I think I’ll be a supporter of Sevenly for a long time to come. 

Don’t forget to smile!
Christie 🙂 


One Response to “Do good: Sevenly”

  1. poppyent February 26, 2012 at 8:12 am #

    yes i think i will thanks christie 🙂

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