Review: Clean & Clear Scrub and Moisturiser

18 Feb

For my first ever review(!!!) I have decided to review two products I have started using very recently. From watching YouTube videos, I have gathered that you should have some sort of routine that doesn’t just involve soap and water for your face, so I promptly went out and bought these products.ImageOn the left is the Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub (150ml), and on the right is the Clean&Clear Dual Action Moisturiser (100ml). Both of these products are oil-free(would you buy a face cleanser or treatment with oil in it?!) The scrub is currently £2.50 and the moisturiser comes in at £2.39, and Superdrug told me that at the moment, this line of skin-care is all on sale, so if you fancy checking them out, now is the time to do so.

I have been using these products together for around two weeks, in fact, primarily I bought the moisturiser and then liked it so much, that I returned to the shop about a week later and purchased another product from the line. Oh yes.

The pros:
Both are inexpensive for skin-care products, apparently. Most are priced at £5 and above per product.
The moisturiser is smooth, easy to apply, and I definitely noticed a difference in the softness of my skin after just a few days. It also does not stay on your hands for hours afterwards. I tend to let it sink into my sands without washing it off, and it smells nice and absorbs within seconds. The scrub is exfoliating, and both products are refreshing, and have only a light scent. Their claim to ‘prevent spots and blemishes’ has worked so far. For example, the inflammation that most teenage girls get in their T-Zone has been reduced and I have seen a difference in the area around my chin, which was always the most prone part of my face to blackheads.

The cons:
The scrub is messy. And when I say messy, I mean that you definitely shouldn’t use it outside of a shower/bath kind of messy. The beads seem to make it their mission to get everywhere possible, ears, hair, nose, and so I don’t actually feel that I’m getting what I paid for. Also, without the moisturiser, it can smell a bit…iffy. The moisturiser sinks in quickly, but a double application will see you through the day. One day this week, I left my skin untouched for a ‘lazy day’ and I immediately noticed a difference with my skin. However, my skins wasn’t dry before, but suspiciously turned dry once I didn’t use the moisturiser. Perhaps a ploy to get their customers to keep coming back?

Scrub (top) and moisturiser (bottom).

Overall rating:
Moisturiser: 4/5

Final thoughts: I’ll probably be repurchasing the moisturiser, it’s good value and feels lovely on my skin, but I am underwhelmed with the scrub. However, I am not discouraged from the line of skincare, today I purchased some Clean & Clear makeup wipes (59p for 25!) and if a steal comes my way, I’ll happily grab it.

Don’t forget to smile today, what have you got to lose?
Christie 🙂


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